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2022.01.26 18:55 Clone3A7 plgr2

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2022.01.26 18:55 HamzasBeak The Popa Langur Monkey. New to science

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2022.01.26 18:55 savagecheefer So I started reading the books a bit late

I recently started reading the books. They came out when I was in elementary school. I remember seeing posters of the new Harry Potter book coming out. I never thought anything of it (I was one of those "cool" kids who thought reading was dumb). I've seen all the movies multiple times. Long story longer, I'm a 30 year old catching up on the books. I'm currently on Chamber of Secrets (half way through). I'm so distraught that they left out so many things. I'll just say.. I'm pretty sad that we don't have an extended edition like Lord of the Rings has. If Harry Potter had movies in an extended edition, I'd only watch those.
Just to let everyone know, I have seen the extended/Directors cut of philosopher stone. My question is, why couldn't they do that with every movie?
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2022.01.26 18:55 Will_The_Dragon Can I end my co-op 1 or 2 weeks early?

I know that the official end date for the Fall/Winter Co-op is March 25, but would it be unheard of to ask my supervisor if I could end a week or two earlier so I had a bit of a break between co-op and the start of classes?
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2022.01.26 18:55 NotherSouthern Should I improve the skills I have, or follow a new career path?

TL;DR - I have some job skills from 10ish years of work, but am now in school pursuing something new and need advice to make the best financial and career decision for myself and my family.
I worked from about 19 until 30 in the field of purchasing and inventory management. I started in a tattoo/piercing shop, which got me into a tool room position in a very small CNC machine shop (age 22), which later got me into the tool room of a CNC machine shop that is part of an international corporation (age 26). As a tool room attendant, I basically managed my own time and projects, worked alongside other departments for tooling solutions, developed professional relationships with tooling reps and sales people, and kept up with budget expenditures for several departments within the buildings. I did all this with a high school diploma and ‘some college,’ but was pretty much stuck at $18/hr from the lack of education. There was a certain level of pride to the position, but working for these companies felt tumultuous, as the companies are oil-field adjacent and many oil-field adjacent companies do REALLY well for awhile, and then have mass layoffs. I’m wanting to get out of the field, especially since having my kiddo and becoming a stay-at-home-mom for the last 4 years. I feel overwhelmed with all the options, and when I ask for my husband's opinion he just tells me to follow my dreams. For those interested, I retook the 16 Personalities test today, and it says I'm an INFP-T (Turbulent Mediator).
I started school last fall with the intention of going into the field of dietetics, but after looking into it further realized that the top pay in that field is about 90K. That’s nothing to scoff at, but I’m now 34 with no savings, no real education or certificates to put on a resume, questionable people skills from working predominately alone during the day for my entire adult life, and a very specific set of barely impressive skills (they really sound a lot better on paper). My husband (41-Diesel Mechanic) and I have a mortgage plus $30K of extra (not college) debt and a 5yr old with ever-changing financial needs.
The question I have is, what options are there for a person like me? I’ve lived in the south (USA) all my life. We’re down to move anywhere (even out of the country), but with it possibly taking 8+ years to become a registered dietician, I’m just not sure how wise it is to get this degree and start a brand new career at age 42. It may not even pay off my school loans before I die, must less secure a retirement fund, start a medical savings account, and help my child through college; all things I’d really like to do if I’m spending an enormous amount of time and money to attain it.
Other details:

  1. I have a bazillion other ideas running around my mind that vary in practicality. These range from learning how to open and run a very small business, to becoming a dentist. I’m open to a lot of possibilities, as I understand that job satisfaction doesn’t come from a title, but a work environment. My hobbies are painting and crafting, but my skills are minimal and I've never pursued them as a side-hustle.
  2. I won’t get back into the oil field, but would consider purchasing in an organization that is more in line with my values – but, outside of attaining a supply-chain-management certificate/degree, I still don’t exactly know what options are available for this.
  3. Last semester, I discovered I’m fascinated by biology, and seem to have taken to it well, even scoring a grant from my school. It’s only an intro-course at a junior college, but it’s not nothing. In an ideal, I would love to be part of a team that did something to help further sustainable technology. It’s an inspiration to read about scientific work that led to biodegradable plastic, more efficient batteries, and mushroom grown leathers and packing materials. However, I’m pretty sure that with my age, lack of experience, and the fact that I'm a family oriented woman could hinder me. I know if we stay in America, the most likely end-game with a biology degree would be a forever low-paying teacher’s position, which I could be proud of, but would come with all the issues of being a teacher in an American public school.
My apologies for this being so long winded, and for any other issues, this is my first ever Reddit Post.
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2022.01.26 18:55 Momine05 My two beautiful passifloras 😍

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2022.01.26 18:55 xsacter 2021+ Elantra N-Line adopters

To those that own one, how is it? I’m torn between getting this or the full N version for my first car purchase (N isn’t yet out yet in my area so I’d have to preordewait for one). Bonus if you reside in Canada and have driven it in the winter and can explain how your dealership experience was. How’s the power delivery, and if you found it good is it enough to keep you engaged/happy? I’ve seen YouTube car reviews on the vehicle but would like to ask those who’ve actually purchased and driven it for some time. Some pros I could think of the N-Line vs the N are:

That’s all I can think of, feel free to add more pros/cons if I missed anything. Thanks I’m advance.
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2022.01.26 18:55 Beolupus Why is Crit Jax so niche?

So excuse me for asking dumb questions, as I'm new to Jax. Why does it crit Jax so niche and not really talked about? I feel like Jax has far greater snowball potential running: Shieldbow -> Essence Reaver -> Navori Quickblades -> IE -> Bloodthirster than the traditional Divine Sunderer or TF route. Is it just because his ultimate will scale better with defensive items?
I feel like it's just missed opportunity as quickblades basically removes your cooldowns so you can jump from one opponent to another and basically one shot them like a fed Tristana. There something I'm missing here? I know he's squishier this way but I think the lifesteal, shieldbow proc, and constant E spam would make up for it, no?
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2022.01.26 18:55 MapleLeif_ Questions about 401(k) match from a NEWLY HIRED cashier

So... how does the 401K matching work? Like what are the mathematics of it? I got hired but the person who hired me couldn't really articulate what it's like.
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2022.01.26 18:55 ElemntsOn2K Thoughts?

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2022.01.26 18:55 betsuni_123 Mid-30s with two brokerage accounts, consolidate or keep as is?

I have an RRSP and TFSA with Questrade where I invest in CAD ETFs with the intention of monthly contributions until retirement.
I also have a margin account with IBKR sitting at around $30k USD that I've been doing some options plays with for a number of years, and I own a number of QQQ shares that I bought this year (only marginally in the red so far, surprisingly). My options strategy with far OTM bull put spreads do well, until one or two ultimately end up wiping out a year or two of gains and causing me more stress than I can handle. I will be dialing back on these plays (likely stopping all together) as I realized I am far better at playing the long term gain waiting game via shares.
I still have a lot of contribution wiggle room in both the RRSP and TFSA accounts, and I'm wondering if it makes sense to continue holding my QQQ trades in the margin account or if I should liquidate everything from that account into my tax savings accounts, if my goal is to hold QQQ long term. What are the long term tax implications of holding QQQ shares as a Canadian (including its dividends)? Does it make more sense to find a QQQ equivalent CAD ETF to invest in with a tax free account instead? Or is there a better, different option for what to do with my $30k USD?
Many thanks in advance.
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2022.01.26 18:55 TickleTheMind A spacey place to have some laughs with your friends -- The Ticklish Spot!

I've created a world called The Ticklish Spot. It's got all the VRChat basics: ample seating, plenty of mirrors, pens to draw with, a video player, and some private rooms. But you know what it has that you WON'T find anywhere else? Feathers.
Come to The Ticklish Spot. Bring your most ticklish avatars! And please, please don't use my world for NSFW things unless you're an adult. Tickling is a kink for many, so be aware of the kinds of people you might meet in this world. If I meet you here and you're a minor, chances are I'm going to block you. But otherwise, I'd love to be your friend! (Even if you aren't ticklish)
It's still in Community Labs, so make sure you enable that in your settings before you search.
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2022.01.26 18:55 Beebumble- Anyone else get annoyed when you’re in public with NK and strangers talk to you?

I’ve really never understood why for some reason having children with you is a reason to engage a stranger in chit chat. I always find the questions and complements to them invasive as well. ‘How old are you? ‘what’s your name?’, ‘you’re so cute’, ‘you have the sweetest blue eyes’. I don’t want to talk to you and answer your questions for NK and having NK with me doesn’t mean it’s and invitation.
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2022.01.26 18:55 P2Richie Bobcat miner NAT type

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2022.01.26 18:55 CalioneCash Folders for sale...message me

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2022.01.26 18:55 Meersbrook WFAP at Paris CDG Terminal 2E 2F for Prague

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2022.01.26 18:55 Hot-Rent-5152 Shadow day

Does anybody know if you get paid for your shadow day? I just got hired as a cca.
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2022.01.26 18:55 ConsciousRepeat5735 Gift Giving

So two of my villagers got into a fight, and Pashmina wants me to give Goldie a gift today. Unfortunately I've already given Goldie a gift today. Is there another way to give her a gift today or do I have to wait until tomorrow? Will the gift expire by then?
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2022.01.26 18:55 Extra_Law1933 PA Shadowing

I am a Uni student and I am having a hard time finding places or PA to shadow.
I live near Cincinnati, OH. Any advice?
Thank you!
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2022.01.26 18:55 cgrobin On Seth Meyers

There have been so many photos of his expressions grabbed from this clip.
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2022.01.26 18:55 WeeziMonkey Forsen tries to speak English

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2022.01.26 18:55 Loli-nero Short fic/Drabble Review Exchange!

Share your ficlets, 100-600 words! If you post a link to one of your own please review at least three other works submitted!
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2022.01.26 18:55 Hellcinder Upgrading from RetroPie to LaunchBox

I decided to beef up my system. I'm going from a raspberry pi 4 to an I5 12400
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2022.01.26 18:55 A_Name_With_No_Horse Bracelet stamped "Hecho En Mexico" and either 575 or 595

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