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POS system for Canadian cafe and retail shop with eCommerce option

Restaurant POS System by Revel The best POS system for restaurants, built to simplify operations and delight your customers. The market for restaurant point of sale systems is increasingly crowded. We get it—it’s no simple task to look for the best POS option for your restaurant! Some retail management POS systems manage the entire retail operation of multiple stores, ecommerce, and even warehouse and logistics management. For example, Microsoft’s RMS solution offers a unified CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of applications available for end-to-end retail management technology. If you’re starting a business, you’re probably thinking about investing in a point of sale (POS) system. However, if you’ve only ever been on the other side of the counter during a point of sale transaction, you probably have many questions about what POS systems are, how they work, and whether your business needs one or not. Multiple POS Options. While most businesses use our iPad POS, we also offer iPhone and computer-based POS solutions. Each POS is customized to the needs of your business and industry. Restaurant or Retail? No Problem! Need a cash drawer, keyboard, invoicing, or subscription services? We have you covered!Read more Retail Directions is a customer centric POS & ERP platform that helps modern retailers realise their business potential. The platform’s extensive omni-channel selling capabilities are supported by a range of operational modules – merchandise management, inventory control, advanced logistics, promotions, and customer loyalty – to seamlessly bring all areas of your business into harmony ... As a retailer, your point of sale (POS) system is arguably the most important tool that you have. Your POS system makes ringing up sales possible, allowing you to complete the checkout process with ease. In many cases, your POS software also serves as the retail management platform on which to run your entire business. Choosing the best retail POS system: Questions to ask. If you’re choosing a POS system for the first time, start making a list of features you must have and talk to fellow business owners who are operating in a similar space. Ask what POS systems they’re using and what they like, or don’t like, about them. While the Essential plan provides many core POS functionalities, with the Freedom, Restaurant and OmniChannel plan, you can unlock many additional features to power your business. Freedom is most suitable for any retail, QSR, bars, grocery and more. The Restaurant plan is an ideal solution for establishments with a dine-in option. Further Reading. If you need more info on how to effectively compare different point of sale solutions, download Vend’s POS Buyer’s Guide.In this resource, you will learn the 7 secrets to find a reliable POS system, and avoid the costly mistakes most retailers make when choosing a new retail platform. A brick and mortar store is a business or retail outlet that has at least one physical location. Traditional stores that you find in your local shopping mall are known as brick and mortar stores, for example. Although the overheads associated with a brick and mortar store are far higher than if your business is simply an eCommerce venture, the necessity for a brick and mortar store for the ...

2022.01.26 18:57 samsplacecafe_wpg POS system for Canadian cafe and retail shop with eCommerce option

Hey all,
We are a small cafe located in Manitoba, Canada and I'm specifically looking for feedback on a POS system that could suit our very unique needs.
Currently we are using Shopkeep POS for in house purchases ($80USD a month), Moneris for our card readeprocessor (standard rates) and Squarespace for eCommerce ($26 USD a month). We also have the Square POS app and card reader as a back up, or for markets.
We are unique in that we are a cafe so we sell specialty drinks and a full lunch menu (customers pay at the counter, before they receive their order), but we also sell a variety of locally made and fairtrade products. Lastly, we are a non-profit that provides youth employable skills, so we need a POS system that is easy to navigate because there is always someone new learning on the till!
I need something that can print tickets out of two registers, has a cash drawer, can scan barcodes and has a compatible barcode sticker printer option. I also need something that has a very robust back of house, that can store a lot of employee numbers (and time ins/outs), has advanced reports, and has a easy to use inventory tracking system.
The reason I want to switch providers is 1) Shopkeep is very glitchy and geared toward restaurant service, their hardware hasn't been working for us (like at all, the barcode scanner just doesn't read barcodes), and it makes retail especially difficult. 2) Our eCommerce inventory is completely detached from our in-store inventory. Meaning I'm running two inventory systems and always needing to keep stock in the backroom to have listed only on our website. I'd love a system that is tethered together, so if someone makes an online purchase the ticket rings up automatically in-house and my team can take the product off the shelves in real time and package it up for the customer. Alternatively, the online store inventory would automatically update when in-store purchases take place.
We can't switch out of Squarespace as our website host because the nature of our non-profit means we need a lot of tools that an eCommerce only platform can't provide (forms, bookings, integrated calendars, donations). So the eCommerce option we go with would need to integrate into the Squarespace website builder. Stripe is our current processor on Squarespace.
Is there anything out there that would actually work for us? Or is this just too unique of a scenario.
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2022.01.26 18:57 yanaanon How often do you go on dates with women who don’t look like their pictures on social media, how do you react?

Sometimes I wonder if I look like my pictures, but I don’t use any filters ever so I guess it’s just a random insecurity??
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2022.01.26 18:57 awbd35_ Ghetts is still trying to make it happen

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2022.01.26 18:57 dniq001 How do you save this epipreneum aureum?

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2022.01.26 18:57 walverine Ya son of a bitch

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2022.01.26 18:57 keonikoa Part 2 of 2 for Expanded Downtime Activities! This time with some Mastery Feats!

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2022.01.26 18:57 kadir-exe İzmir’de kerhane lazım

Beyler izmirde güvenilir sağlam bir kerhane lazım. Ciddi. Bilen birileri yardım ederse çok iyi olur.
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2022.01.26 18:57 Jranuary Sucks to be born on January because I’m most likely older than the guys who’s born my year 🤷‍♀️

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2022.01.26 18:57 n0din found this and it’s prob an edit but it goes hard

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2022.01.26 18:57 NeverMindUsAll Major Discord API outage prevents logins and voice chats

Major Discord API outage prevents logins and voice chats Discord is suffering a 'massive outage' preventing users from logging in to the service or using voice chats.


Discord is Down!!
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2022.01.26 18:57 nba2kmobulesucks Fck this game...

I invested almost 30000 coins (approximately 200dollars) to get the clippers set diamond paul george I'm okay with not having that one but what made me mad was 28 times of 40% card and 1 time of 34% card and 1 time of 13% card This is nonsense
If you are reading this shit, just uninstall this game. This game sucks and makes my 200dollars a piece of garbage This could be your situation So please dont play this fucking game please
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2022.01.26 18:57 DuckyAirsoft1 Favourite of the second five?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 18:57 xMCGIRKo [XBOX][QUESTION] Certifications

I’ve been trading for a year and still don’t understand the certifications. I know scorer is a good certification but would it increase the price of forest green rivals?
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2022.01.26 18:57 ChrisC724 WTS/WTT: Ultralight Track Pants, Dark Rust. XS

From 2017, made in NYC. Original price $198.
Very good condition, minimal pilling inside (see photos). $100, or trades in bottoms size S/29/30.
Add 4% if using G&S.
Images: https://imgur.com/a/9qsCH4w
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2022.01.26 18:57 WeightFun1116 A Castle i built on Minecraft bedrock. Rate this from 0 to 10!(。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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2022.01.26 18:57 kevinj933 Look at me! I'm a potato!

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2022.01.26 18:57 PF_9 My google account was disabled. I got this email twice trying to re-enable it.

What does it mean? Am I screwed?
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2022.01.26 18:57 popcornboiii Celeb Trumpsters Are A Sign That Fascism Is Already Here

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2022.01.26 18:57 TheSovietSkye don’t know how many times i’ve been called a f*ggot the last few days

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2022.01.26 18:57 F4CT0R120 Question about new Mythic Essence Conversion

Hey there,

I just read this article thru :
Now I was wondering wether I could buy the new Lunar New Year Pass to farm up 2.2k Tokens for 100 Prestige Points for the upcoming conversion of prestige points and gemstones into new Mythic Essence.

In my case I need 200 Mythic Essence for KDA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition that back from 2018, which according to the article will be release alongside other old Prestige Skins for a total of 3 months. Now I already got 10 Gemstones saved up which again will be converted by a factor of 10 (10Gemstones = 100 Mythic Essence) so thats half of the 200 I will be required to have when the new System launches.
So I thought if I buy the current Lunar Pass and get 100 Prestige Points which I wont spent right away and just have them saved for the System change, if those Prestige Points would be converted by a ratio of 1:1 (100 Prestige Points = 100 Mythic Essence + 100 Mythic Essence from my 10 Gemstones = 200 total Mythic Essence which is exactly what I need to have by the time the Prestige Kaisa Skin is available for purchase.)

So does my thinking make sense here or does Riot just delete Old Prestige Points and wont convert them like Gemstones which would mean that I would have to have a total of 20 Gemstones which is quiet a lot just for the 200 new Mythic Essence required for that Skin I wanted to get right away?

Thanks in advance

TL:DR do I need 20 Gemstones for KDA Kaisa Prestige Edition or 100 Prestige Points + 10 Gemstones for that Skin?
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2022.01.26 18:57 HairyLeader7 Two maps, one conclusion

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2022.01.26 18:57 Jhenry18 Two light themed spells!- one to illuminate tricky enemies and another to get rid of impurities!

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2022.01.26 18:57 Sea-Beginning-5234 Vit D deficiency and PTH high ?

Help me understand something please. Let’s say to make it simple for normal level of calcium but vitamin D deficiency but elevated PTH results.
Basically it’s hard to understand hyperparathyroidism sometimes without if you don’t have access to scanner or without having a surgery to verify stuff. I think that’s why they say sometimes they only really know after they open how many glands have adenomas and such (reversely i wonder if it’s ever happened that they open and notice you didn’t actually have any adenomas).
Anywho I think it’s a sort of chicken /egg situation that makes it hard to know if you have primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism if I take the case of vit D deficiency and PTH elevated
situation 1/ vit D 25 deficiency and calcium deficiency in intestines => PTH elevated so that it can help turn vit D 25 into 1.25 first so to help the intestines absorb the most calcium as possible , fastest as possible to not resort to use the calcium in bones but then it sees not enough calcium in intestines anyways so it goes and draw it from bone (osteoporosis). In that case nothing is wrong physically with your parathyroid glands (no adenoma)
Situation 2 : PTH has adenoma => PTH level super high => vit d 25will turn into vit D 1.25 more and faster and in case you’re not deficient of calcium not D then everything shows normal on test but if you become deficient in calcium and/or vit D after some point bc it draws it faster that you can refill it then PTH draws it from the bones again(osteoporosis).
What would be the best test(s) to know if you’re in situation 1 or 2 without surgery?
1/. Take a lot of vitamin D supplement and calcium supplements and retest and see if PTH goes down ?
2/ there’s no test that really can expect if you wait a long time and start seeing that PTH doesn’t go down or calcium keeps going up ?
3/ another test I haven’t thought of (like using vit d 1.25 which I haven’t ordered because I didn’t see the point in testing for that ?)
Thanks for your help . That’s my current situation and it wrecks my brains and I can’t figure out which is the source for my case . I wonder if it’s because I’ve gone vegan and lacks vitamin D (vit d25 = 18) or my PTH gland is fucked up (adenoma) and that’s why it went up to PTH= 95
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2022.01.26 18:57 hydecide Manual 4x4/AWD Diesel SUV under $15k used

Looking for a Manual 4x4/AWD Diesel SUV under $15k used. Does this sound like anything that exists? I want something that I can drive for the next 10 years. I don't care if its European considering I am pretty mechanically inclined and can do most of the repairs myself, just want something that has all these features.
Thank you!
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