It’d be a real shame

The largest adult amateur basketball league in the Edmonton Area. All games are 5x5, officiated and ran at the Saville Centre. CFC Giving System ... Loading... You are being redirected to the new UCR National Registration System website at You will be redirected in 8 seconds.... Click here to redirect to redirect immediately. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tools to build and market tomorrow's data products, for newsrooms, incubators and other trackers of city data Available Scholarships for Teachers . Grants, loans and especially scholarships are administered based on a wide range of variables. Qualifications attached to financial aid are sometimes broad, but can also be very specific. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Review Game. Create a fun, free review game in the stlye of Who Wants to be a Millionaire with up to 15 questions and whatever values you choose for each round. Players will have the option of using their 3 "Lifelines" during the game. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2022.01.26 17:28 DrJokerisCrazy It’d be a real shame

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2022.01.26 17:28 BenjaminFriendly Sorry for a dumb question, but In Valhalla, how does damage work with two-handed weapons?

I can't get a definitive answer anywhere on Google. I understand there are light and heavy attacks and with one-handed weapons I understand, but I can't seem to find an answer to if two-handed weapons deal Light Damage in regular attacks, then heavy damage for heavy attacks, or if two-handed weapons just deal heavy damage period. I'm 95% sure it's the former but OCD drives me crazy until I have a definitive answer for things. I'm trying to build around using a two-handed weapon as primary with heavy shield and it's a lot of fun since I've increased the difficulty to Very Hard, but would like to optimize my build to make sure I take all the skills that I would want for this. Will attacks only deal heavy damage when I hold shift to attack, right?
Side note, if anyone has a recommendation for a cool two-handed and heavy shield combo I'd like to hear it. I'm using a scythe as my main and this heavy shield I found that increases Heavy Damage depending on how long I hold it down, so if I hold down my shield and start swinging the scythe with shift, it will be dealing that Heavy Damage? Also, there's no way to use the ability of the main-hand weapon while I have a shield, correct?
If anyone knows a fun two-handed that would be fun with this combo of two-handed with shield, let me know. I found the Blodwulf (I believe that's the correct spelling) a while ago and it's a ton of fun when your weapon is able to ignite, but I found that my weapon wasn't igniting very often, but I would love to have a fire build. I also prefer heavy shield a lot more for the security of it since I die in 2 small hits on Very Hard, so just being able to block all damage except red attacks is really nice, especially with that red ability that has your character instantly turn to the direction of someone trying to attack you if you're holding your shield down.
Thanks guys, really am loving this game (only about 16% way through with over 30 hours. Game is just too beautiful and I like exploring lol)
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2022.01.26 17:28 BuddhaChrist_ideas How to lose money trading cryptocurrencies, very quickly. Also, how do you swing trade with these fees?

Yesterday I had this feeling that the markets were going to dead cat bounce. First mistake. I took about $875 USD and converted it to UST on Coinbase. They said there were 0 fees, but the exchange rate was not good and so I lost about $25 in that exchange.
Well I wanted to exchange it for another token that wasn't offered on Coinbase. I looked for the UST wallet on exchange, but it wasn't listed. So i converted my UST into LTC, thinking it would be a quick / cheap transaction that I could trade on the other exchange for my token of choice. That ate up some more money - bad exchange rate.
Once it finally cleared on the other exchange, I found out that the LTC couldn't be swapped for the token I wanted, so I had to convert it into another currency. I saw red in the markets, and decided to convert it into USDC to hold until I decide to buy the token of choice.
At this point, my $875 USD transferred onto $719 USDC.
So in a day, I dropped $156 in order to convert / transfer funds. This was a shocking eye opener. This is like a fiat foreign currency exchange rate at a shady market in a bad part of town.
All in all, would not recommend.
How do people swing trade in the market with rates like this?
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2022.01.26 17:28 beetgold [POSITIVE] for /u/Hofbrau-haus [buyer]

Perfect communication and transaction! Would happily work with again!
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2022.01.26 17:28 imaculat_indecision Helo 66 early prototype

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2022.01.26 17:28 wubbalubbadubdub18 Advice on cramping?

Ran the Houston Marathon on Jan 16th and had serious cramping around mile 21. Was on target for 3:10 but ended up getting 3:24.
Hamstrings, quads and calves locked up and I practically had to shuffle to make it to the finish line. While I had a solid breakfast (oatmeal and banana), decent amount of water (~16oz), and consumed 4 gels over the entire distance I couldn’t seem to avoid cramping.
What do y’all do to avoid cramping up during marathons? Thank you!
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2022.01.26 17:28 KrazoaSpirit Subreddit for personalized music suggestions?

I'm wondering if there's a subreddit where you give some info on what music you like and other redditors will make recommendations based on it.
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2022.01.26 17:28 pixlprincess420 *giggles in immature*

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2022.01.26 17:28 luciagrace Why is it when people ask for help with their partner becoming overweight- the first response is always ‘maybe they’re just depressed.’ Or maybe they’re just lazy?

Seriously, I’ve seen three posts like this today, people coming to ask for advice about their partners who have started gaining a lot of weight, when nothing else has changed, but this makes it so they feel less attracted to them, people instantly go to the depression argument?
Or maybe they’re just lazy? Like seriously, those posts I read seriously did not sound like the person was depressed, or the person asking, had already asked their partner if they were feeling down, and they weren’t. But everyone still always pushes the depression argument, why?
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2022.01.26 17:28 ShineWolf Are the servers down? (Halo Infinite)

I’m playing on Xbox Series X and I can’t finish a match…it continues to desynch me and put me out the match.
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2022.01.26 17:28 haileydsuza 🔥 Fireplace 4 Hours - Relaxing Music Piano and Fireplace, Relaxing Meditations Music, Calming music [04:02]

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2022.01.26 17:28 Cuenta64 Can i get some karma

wouldn't that be lovely?
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2022.01.26 17:28 Agitated_Stress5735 Self care quotes

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2022.01.26 17:28 ktetch YouTube Wants ‘Fraudulent” Copyright Claimant Kept in Class Action Lawsuit [NEWS]

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2022.01.26 17:28 TFei LF for good YouTubers or Streamers for Mid or Solo lanes to learn from!

Just as title states, looking for good YTers and Streamers that are knowledgeable and enjoyable to watch, to learn from.
Just came back into Conq after a few seasons off and want to pick up those roles.
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2022.01.26 17:28 YJW_1 Understanding biphobia

First of all this post is for a genuine discussion and is not meant to direct hate towards anyone
I’ve been reading a lot of posts discussing biphobia and how a lot of biphobia boils down to distrust of bi men
A common theme (in a nutshell) seemed to be that gay men will distrust bi men because they believe they will leave them for a woman
There also seemed to be distrust and biphobia specifically towards hetero-romantic bisexual men
In my opinion I don’t think anyone should distrust anyone simply for the fact that they are bi. If the individual seems untrustworthy then sure, I can understand
So what are your opinions on the matter, and why is there a lot biphobia directed towards hetero-romantic bisexual men?
**also to reiterate, this post is not meant to direct hate towards anyone, or to downplay or disregard any bad experiences you may have had with bi men. Your feelings towards those individual men are valid. But also on the flip-side, this post is not an excuse to be biphobic or to try and justify biphobia.
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2022.01.26 17:28 pzzzo What packs are best to buy to get 90+ cards?

I’m tired of getting the same cards in most packs now lol
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2022.01.26 17:28 drunkhighfives BING BONG

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2022.01.26 17:28 EasyGoingGuy69 Forced Cross Platform - Losing The Will To Live.

Beyond fed up console player here.
you pc guys are great kudos to ya, but if this was a boxing match, it'd be weeman vs mike tyson, when it comes to consoles vs pcs, in the most ping and fps dependant game out there today.
please epic, accept that youve been wrong for over 2 years, revert to the origional system of, got a pc guy on your team = pc lobbies. id even be in favour of input dependant lobbies to boot. give me that over this bs sbmm we have.
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2022.01.26 17:28 RecordReviewer I mapped out the birthplace of every member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team

Here is a map of the birthplace of every member of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. There were 76 players in total, and you'll have to zoom in a bit on those that were born in the same city. Outside of virtually every player in NYC, and a few born in LA. It's hard to distinguish the exact neighborhood and/or hospital a player was born, so all of these locations came from the respective player's Wikipedia page.
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2022.01.26 17:28 izak4925x When I get you running again I promise we will take a looong road trip across Texas!

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2022.01.26 17:28 raviolidrunk Hey! I’m a 16 year old trans dude and looking to join the military fresh out of highschool but I want to enlist with my preferred gender(M)

I was hoping to have the military pay for my surgery and hormones, but what will it take for me to enlist as Male in the military?
Do I just have to get my gender and name legally changed or do I have to be on hormones when enlisting?
I see a lot about being 18 months stable on them, would I have to start now for them to put me with the guys?
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2022.01.26 17:28 hazelgcey my heart is melting

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2022.01.26 17:28 Tulip-5Solas Grabbed up 17 more shares! Wooooo! Nice Dip!!

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2022.01.26 17:28 DamienLovesHorror Shards for Bubba faces?

I might've missed something, but did anybody who played as Bubba get their 6,000 shards?
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