A friend sent me this photo of a wild Psygmorchis

2022.01.26 18:56 Pingayaso A friend sent me this photo of a wild Psygmorchis

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2022.01.26 18:56 legendsofsara [LF] My wishlist [FT] DIY's, Recipes, and Items.

I have a huge pile of DIY's and recipes, including Golden DIYs and rare DIYs that I need to get rid so come trade with me :) Also If you want something customized I can do it for the cost of the customization.
Trade List https://villagerdb.com/uselegendsofsara/list/trade-list
Apple Chair (Recipe)
Apple Hat (Recipe)
Apple Jelly (Recipe)
Apple Smoothie (Recipe)
Apple Umbrella (Recipe)
Baked Potatoes (Recipe)
Bamboo Drum (Recipe)
Bamboo Lunch Box (Recipe)
Barrel (Recipe)
Beekeeper's Hive (Recipe)
Birdbath (Recipe)
Birdcage (Recipe)
Bonfire (Recipe)
Bread (Recipe)
Brown Sugar (Recipe)
Bulldozer (Gray)
Butter Churn (Recipe)
Cardboard Table (Recipe)
Cherry Smoothie (Recipe)
Clackercart (Recipe)
Coconut Wall Planter (Recipe)
Cool Hyacinth Wreath (Recipe)
Cosmos Shower (Recipe)
Festive Top Set (Recipe)
Garden Bench (Recipe)
Garden Faucet
Garden Gnome
Garden Wagon
Garden Wagon (Recipe)
Gold Helmet (Recipe)
Gold Screen Wall (Recipe)
Golden Candlestick (Recipe)
Golden Decorative Plate (Recipe)
Golden Flooring (Recipe)
Gong (Recipe)
Green Grass Skirt (Recipe)
Hedge Standee (Recipe)
Hyacinth Lamp (Recipe)
Infused-water Dispenser (Recipe)
Iron Garden Bench
Iron Garden Chair
Iron Garden Chair (Recipe)
Iron Garden Table
Iron Worktable (Recipe)
Ironwood Diy Workbench (Recipe)
Jungle Wall (Recipe)
Lily Wreath (Recipe)
Log Bed (Recipe)
Log Chair (Recipe)
Log Extra-long Sofa (Recipe)
Log Stakes (Recipe)
Lucky Gold Cat (Recipe)
Magazine Rack (Recipe)
Mom's Pen Stand
Mountain Standee (Recipe)
Mushroom Potage (Recipe)
Music Stand (Recipe)
Natural Garden Chair (Recipe)
Natural Garden Table (Recipe)
Natural Square Table (Recipe)
Orange End Table (Recipe)
Orange Hat (Recipe)
Orange Wall (Recipe)
Orange Wall-mounted Clock (Recipe)
Palm-tree Lamp
Peach Dress (Recipe)
Peach Hat (Recipe)
Peach Rug (Recipe)
Peach Surprise Box (Recipe)
Peach Umbrella (Recipe)
Peach Wall (Recipe)
Pear Dress (Recipe)
Pear Hat (Recipe)
Pear Smoothie (Recipe)
Pile Of Leaves (Recipe)
Pizza Margherita (Recipe)
Plain Cupcakes (Recipe)
Rice Cooker (any)
Sandy-beach Flooring (Recipe)
Sauna Heater (Recipe)
Shell Partition (Recipe)
Simple DIY Workbench (Recipe)
Snowflake Wreath (Recipe)
Standard Umbrella Stand (Recipe)
Steel Flooring (Recipe)
Steel-frame Wall (Recipe)
Stone Lion-dog (Recipe)
Streetlamp (Black)
Surfboard (Any)
Tall Garden Rock (Recipe)
Tiny Library (Recipe)
Traditional Straw Coat (Recipe)
Tree-stump Rug (Recipe)
Tree's Bounty Lamp (Recipe)
Tulip Surprise Box (Recipe)
Whole-wheat Flour
Wooden-block Bed (Recipe)
Wooden Chair (Recipe)
Wooden Table Mirror (Recipe)
Yacht (Red)
Zen-style Stone (Recipe)

Wish List https://villagerdb.com/uselegendsofsara/list/wish-list
Aloha-edition Carrying Case
Baby Bed
Beach Chairs With Parasol
Beautiful Statue
Bird Mobile
Bistro Table
Blossom Lantern
Blue Rose Wreath (Recipe)
Boxy Stool
Bubble Machine
Candle Chandelier
Candy-skull Mask
Castle Tower
Cave (Recipe)
Cherry-blossom Bonsai (Recipe)
Cinnamoroll Signage
Cinnamoroll Tray
Compact Kitchen
Covered Counter
Crescent-moon Chair (Recipe)
Dessert Carrier
Disco Ball
EKG Machine
Elegant Bed
Elegant Chair
Elegant Sofa
Evergreen Ash
Fancy Bathroom Vanity
Festival Lantern
Festival-lantern Set (Recipe)
Festivale Garland
Floral Sconce
Flower Display Case
Icon Frozen-treat Set (Recipe)
Frying Pan (Recipe)
Gallant Statue
Gift Pile (Recipe)
Great Statue
Greenhouse Box
Hanger Rack
Hanging Shelves
High Chair
Ice-cream Display
Imperial Pot
Inflatable Bird Ring
Kerokerokeroppi Bridge
Kiki & Lala Bed
Kiki & Lala Clock
Kiki & Lala Cloud Maker
Kiki & Lala Sofa
Kiki & Lala Table
Makeup Pouch
Medieval Building Side
Metal Pot
Midsized Clothing Rack
Mochi Pestle
Mom's Hand-knit Sweater (Flowers)
Moon (Recipe)
Moon Cakes
Moroccan Footrest
Moroccan Lights
Moroccan Sofa
Moroccan Tray Table
Mush Lamp (Recipe)
Mush Parasol (Recipe)
Open Wooden Shelves
Paper-chain Ceiling Garland
Pine Bonsai Tree (Recipe)
Pine Tree
Pocket Modern Camper
Potted Starter Plants
Ranch Kitchen
Ranch Lowboard
Ranch Wardrobe
Robust Statue
Ruined Arch
Ruined Broken Pillar
Ruined Seat
Shell Music Box (Recipe)
Shoji Divider
Shopping Bag
Ski Rack
Square Bathtub
Suspicious Cauldron
Tower Of Pisa
Toy Duck
Wheat Field
Wooden Music Box (Recipe)
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2022.01.26 18:56 lss_bvt_and_05 LssTest-CrossPost-29497

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2022.01.26 18:56 ForeverHusker This company really doesn’t want people with diabetes to use these hand warmers.

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2022.01.26 18:56 _Chadeus_Maximus_ The usual suspects, being fucking creepy

The usual suspects, being fucking creepy I saw u/cggentry115's latest post and decided to look at what the comments were on the original Indiana submission.
Unsurprisingly, the comments were... not very pleasant. People who spend too much time on Reddit and other pseudonymous social media outlets and lack any fundamental understanding of political ideologies separate from their own.
But I saw one recurring username in the comments section. It stuck out like a sore thumb, you didn't even need to read the username if you recognize this person's typical speech patterns which reek of self-importance. Most of you know who I'm talking about.
What struck me as odd is that this person doesn't appear in comments for Indiana posts very often. And Gentry's post was only shared to Bmod, only a few hours before said person started participating in that thread.
Normally I wouldn't report on something like this, if not only to mention the obvious fact that this person IS actively monitoring this subreddit, but I drew the line when he finally raised the bar for his creepy factor even higher than I previously thought was possible.

He's cross-identifying the OP through pictures of a rally, making her out from dozens of available pictures with hundreds of faces to distinguish from.
And here's my open letter to Mr. Kornholio, who I know is reading this post:
Can't you just like, leave people alone man? I don't feel like that an unreasonable request. ;)
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2022.01.26 18:56 Sheltermode Portable Container House by Wiercinski studio in Poland

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2022.01.26 18:56 Otherwise_Panda_9568 Vein colour difference and tree age?

The most stimulating strain I have had is a red Maeng Da. Is vein colour really that important and I was told white strains come from older trees by Kratom UK.. is that true, I always thought red vein came from more mature trees?
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2022.01.26 18:56 Fearless-Cricket3297 Selon une étude de l’ONG @Liberation_75 menée sur 3.593 ados 🇨🇦 et 🇺🇸 : ▪️ 67% pensent que l’Holocauste a eu lieu. ▪️ 7% estiment que le nb de Juifs tués a été « exagéré ». ▪️ 3% ne sont pas sûrs que cela a vraiment eu lieu. ▪️ 22% ne savent pas quoi répondre.

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2022.01.26 18:56 Shoppingbear70 [Gifted] to MommaPengu for being... just being you. <3

Hi! :) I am thinking today of the people in this sub who have made a difference in how great it is (to me, for me, for others!), and you of COURSE came to mind. Plus it was just your birthday, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays (if I were in charge, every single person would get their birthday as a HOLIDAY!). Plus, you sent me treats even if not cake! Plus, you CARE. Soooooo.... to get the items to come together, ORDER # 113-6411435-6372229 will be there next week, Feb 3rd. One item more "helpful" and one other more "treat". :) I hope you like the surprise. :)
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2022.01.26 18:56 ParacelsusCaspari New Mutants fan cover [OC]

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2022.01.26 18:56 Britneyfan123 The most important film from every decade of cinema history

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2022.01.26 18:56 Intelligent_Fuel_727 First starting out!

I just ordered plenity two days ago and it should arrive tomorrow! I've tried so many other diets, pills, etc. and nothing has worked for me. I'm following a 1300 calorie diet with minimal exercise (I just do not have time) and I'm hopeful!
SW: 23.2
GW: 170
Height: 5'10
Age: 32
Female, 3 kids
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2022.01.26 18:56 ZeusGato The hold never bothered me anyway, so… ‘let it blow!” I wrote new lyrics, sang the song, made a video so you can now just sit back and hodl with me ❤️🚀

The hold never bothered me anyway, so… ‘let it blow!” I wrote new lyrics, sang the song, made a video so you can now just sit back and hodl with me ❤️🚀 submitted by ZeusGato to gmeamcstonks [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 18:56 PretendInterview3399 How to set up a perpetual grow? Harvest every 2-3 weeks. Anyone running this

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2022.01.26 18:56 Paper_Rain Born to lead: How Fred VanVleet claimed his place among the NBA's elite

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2022.01.26 18:56 HitItOrQuidditch Google PPC Homeowner targeting by zipcode vs dropping pins with 1 mile radius?

I have a client doing home renovations for some high end zipcodes. Since I can’t target homeowners by zipcode, could I drop 1mile radius pins to blanket a zipcode? Or is there a minimum mileage radius I need to use?
Or target a 50 mile radius with headlines like “renovations starting at $10k” to weed out the noise.
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2022.01.26 18:56 Krissy0719 Does any need any white flowers?

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2022.01.26 18:56 MMM02252005 My lips have been dry for months no matter what I do and its really frustrating

Ive done everything I can to try to fix it, have tried different chapsticks, different applications, exfoliation, aquaphor, vaseline everything. But no matter what I do my lips are always cracked, tightened and leathery, or have extremely dry patches sometimes even looking black or purple. Its not seen well in pictures but I have small fordyce spots on the inside of my top lip, they are very small and you cant even feel a texture to them but ever since they started in around july my lip problem started occurring. Ive gone to three separate doctors requesting a dermatologist and they have just told me get used to it or do everything ive already tried, its really frustrating and ive even tried to completely stop using any application for almost a month now and theres not even a slight difference, am I over reacting? What do I do? Sometimes they crack so bad and start bleeding, sometimes I wake up to them really slimy feeling.
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2022.01.26 18:56 HellFestTickets Best place to buy used bikes for a low price?

As the title suggests, I am looking to buy a bike, but I don't wanna spend a lot on it. Do you know where I can look, aside from leboncoin?
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2022.01.26 18:56 HamzasBeak The Popa Langur Monkey. New to science

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2022.01.26 18:56 OMGoshert Where are The Eight?

Has anyone else noticed the lack of The Eight in the new codex leaks? Like they are such a fun and thematic unit for farsight enclaves and it seems like a bummer not to have them for 9th edition.
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2022.01.26 18:56 reallytryingfriend Liminal space

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2022.01.26 18:56 FakeNewsFredo I take it that "heating and cooling energy" is HVAC? 😂

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2022.01.26 18:56 Hey_Zak (unpopular?) Opinion : i think people are underestimating vertical/Yang

... because of Instagram and social media in general, red carpet pictures, high heels, Photoshop, low angle pictures, etc.
I think we are so used to seeing retouched pictures and super models that are literally 6'0 tall that people assume that only extremely long people can be tall types... But it's not true.
I've seen so many people that are clearly Yang dominant being directed to G and even TR due to being "short" (aka anything under 5'5) and it's driving me insane lol. I wouldn't dare type them, it's not my place, but I'm tired of seeing everyone who is short and Yang being directed to FG when they don't even have juxtaposition and they don't really fit broken lines by what they say. It seems counterproductive idk.
My point is : the subreddit is biased in typing because social media and red carpet pictures of celebrities, yadda yadda. Take everything with a huge grain of salt, and I'd recommend typing yourself. It's about clothing accomodation above everything.
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2022.01.26 18:56 MentalCollage Church Glass Painting of Saint “clearing the path” of a maiden’s closeted husband, the wife was very stupid and did not know what homosexuality was so she prayed all night and day for the evil demon to be relinquished by the saint

Church Glass Painting of Saint “clearing the path” of a maiden’s closeted husband, the wife was very stupid and did not know what homosexuality was so she prayed all night and day for the evil demon to be relinquished by the saint submitted by MentalCollage to funny [link] [comments]