3yai7 hyf94 tsyr4 eib58 zakya 6n6sd kf3nt z2b5z 6idr4 6ya8n 9ynkd neshz zz6k9 k8zr4 hiak3 5fi6d 352de 5tih4 87k4f kde9t 8h59y Werkstatt-01 help |

Werkstatt-01 help

2022.01.26 18:57 Wyldbylli Werkstatt-01 help

I just got my hands one a werkstatt. My first synth. I am looking for help with some cv expander explanations. Like what do these ports do exactly. If anyone has any links, tips or info would be helpful.
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2022.01.26 18:57 Pahoshka How to disable dropped item-merger ?

How to disable dropped item-merger ? I want to drop 100 swords, but so that each sword lies separately from each other on one block. By default, thrown items stick together. How to turn it off? Maybe this needs a mod, but I don't know which one...

I want do it
P.s. I need it to make funny videos and pictures
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2022.01.26 18:57 principessa1180 After 9 days, only daughter positive.

Hey guys.
We are a family if 4 . Our daughter tested positive through rapid and pcr test. She is 9. She was ill with cold like symptoms. No fever or loss of senses. She did sleep a lot.
My husband, son and I have continued to test negative for the past 9 days. It's weird. I'm waiting for us to get sick.
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2022.01.26 18:57 toaopepistamkov New poetry book in near future?!

Hey y’all. As we know, Lana posted some poetry on her Instagram account. Could this hint that she might be ready to release a new poetry book (as far as I can remember, the next poetry book should be "Behind the Iron Gates")?
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2022.01.26 18:57 withflourinmyhands Why would a dog want to get close to baby’s face?

Hi, just curious! My dog met my 13 month old nephew up closer today. He was whining a lot because he never met a baby before and it was in my house, not my brother in law’s house.
My partner had my dog on his lap, my brother in law had the baby on his. They offered the baby’s foot to sniff and lick and he wasn’t interested, just wanted to get into his face. My dog is a licker anyway but I’m just wondering why dogs do this and if it’s something I need to worry about with a baby of my own coming in the next few months? I don’t want my dog up in my baby’s face obviously, but I don’t know whether this is a behaviour I need to be concerned about. Any insights? The wider internet seems surprisingly limited in this info!
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2022.01.26 18:57 COMMENTASIPLEASE A Little Positivity: Who’s Your Favorite Wrestler and How Did They Become So?

Since it’s the birthday of my shared favorite wrestler Sasha Banks (Bayley is the other, I refuse to pick one above the other), I thought it would be nice to have some positive discussion.
For me personally, they both stood out to me when I started watching NXT regularly in 2014. I remember thinking they were perfect babyface (Bayley) and heel (Sasha) characters. It seemed like they always had me captivated the most out of all the wrestling I watched. Then in 2015 Sasha would go on to have a fantastic run as champion and Bayley would complete her story arc of going from fan girl who’s just happy to be there to serious but friendly world champion, both having one of the most influential matches ever at Takeover Brooklyn.
I’m gonna stop there cause I feel like I could go all day lol, but I’m interested in your all’s favorites.
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2022.01.26 18:57 skaakmatna What's your biggest kitchen fail?

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2022.01.26 18:57 kkumar894 Paid Sex and prostitution

Paying for sex is promoting prostitution..
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2022.01.26 18:57 JB92103 A theory on Victor I saw on a message board

"I suspect he wants to legitimize the Cassadine family, somehow engineer a takeover of ELQ and amass power, he wants respect as well as power and influence. I think Victor is thinking long game, not another silly Ice Princess or weather machine plot to take over the world. This is why I think he wants a united front; he is intending to go to war with the Quartermaines and he is trying to enlist as many family members/allies as he can. Victor is seeking to buy legitimacy for his family."
What do you think?
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2022.01.26 18:57 n8iththegr8ith For those not living in states with constitutional carry; would you be willing to abide by a law requiring (as a felony or high misdemeanor) you to disclose to a law enforcement officer that you had a gun, if your state would in exchange allow legal gun owners to carry without a permit?

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2022.01.26 18:57 ilovemycat2018 Is anyone else having troubles with siege after the new update?

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2022.01.26 18:57 linuxbuild Biggest laptop of the day with Linux: Sony VPCF13Z1R

Biggest laptop of the day with Linux: Sony VPCF13Z1R HW: Intel Core i7 CPU Q 740, Nvidia graphics, 2 memory modules (2 x RAM Module 8192MB), one drive (Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series 256GB) and 61 more devices.
Kernel: 4.15.0-166-generic (Ubuntu MATE 18.04)
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2022.01.26 18:57 zobzob_zobby Question of the Day: If you could go back in time to the moment you accepted yourself as gay, what would you tell yourself and why?

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2022.01.26 18:57 Sytonic Has the Letterboxd team actually implemented users suggestions before?

Alright, it might be a dumb question, but I've been using Letterboxd for around 1 year by now (although I'm not super familiar with it's community), but I have not seen any major changes on the site, specially involving suggestions that lots of people asks for and it must been around for months and never gets to the site.
Any of you guys has any examples?
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2022.01.26 18:57 Zach-dalt West Bromwich Albion 0 - 2 Preston North End: Yet another dire attacking showing from the home side, who are not far from dropping out of the playoffs altogether, but Preston deserve a lot of credit for putting out an impressive display!

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2022.01.26 18:57 Zanthosus Hololive Original Song Tournament - Round 18

Welcome back to Round 18 of the unofficial Hololive Original Song Tournament! If you're interested in the rules behind the tournament, check out Round 1, where I explained everything. You can find the updated bracket here.
In the last round, Holidays! beat out Hi Hi High Tension!.
The songs this round are
Po by Omaru Polka
Sekai wa Meguri Yagate Kimi no Mono ni Naru by AZKi
View Poll
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2022.01.26 18:56 FencingFemmeFatale Honestly forgot what day I’m on but we’re nearing the final stretch!!

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2022.01.26 18:56 Ambitious_Bat5126 Free Nft 🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.26 18:56 EquivalentCapital521 Long term

Why do so many long term living in partners become so hateful? I’m living next to a couple who scream at each other! I’ve stayed single until I was 34 because my parents screamed! Am I destined for this with my boyfriend? Are there couples out there who don’t scream and fight like this? Am I in denial about being in love and never screaming?
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2022.01.26 18:56 Starsteamer Terry Pratchett estate backs Jack Monroe’s idea for ‘Vimes Boots’ poverty index

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2022.01.26 18:56 sheen47 [SOTC] My “work, fun, dress” and “land, air, sea” collections.

2021 was a great year compared to 2020. I started a small business with some friends, my siblings and I were healthy (and are still healthy), and I learned a lot in my job while working mostly online. My “watch goal” was to complete my second “three watch collection” which is “land, air, sea” and luckily I was able to achieve it.
After considering a Longines Hydroconquest (this one https://www.longines.com/en-us/watch-hydroconquest-l3-782-4-96-6), I found my Oris Aquis Source of Life at a great price, including the steel bracelet and the rubber strap, so it was a no-brainer. Then, I was going to buy the Victorinox INOX with the blue dial, but I didn't want to have two watches with blue dials and other cool quartz INOX watches didn't convince me. Suddenly, I came across the same INOX with a gray dial and had to get it right away.
This way I completed my second “three watch collection”, so now I can say I have a “work, fun, dress” collection and a “land, air, sea” collection. The best thing is that three of them are quartz, while the rest are automatic. And on top of everything, they all have a different type of strap: composite, resin, leather, wood, rubber and steel. My next “watch goal” for the next three to five years is to complete another trio of watches, I would love for them to be “moving around the world and beyond”.
I’m ready to hear what you think about my SOTC and my future “watch goal”.
PS Sorry for the bad grammar and poor photo quality... I prefer watches to smartphones and cameras.
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2022.01.26 18:56 Pingayaso A friend sent me this photo of a wild Psygmorchis

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2022.01.26 18:56 legendsofsara [LF] My wishlist [FT] DIY's, Recipes, and Items.

I have a huge pile of DIY's and recipes, including Golden DIYs and rare DIYs that I need to get rid so come trade with me :) Also If you want something customized I can do it for the cost of the customization.
Trade List https://villagerdb.com/uselegendsofsara/list/trade-list
Apple Chair (Recipe)
Apple Hat (Recipe)
Apple Jelly (Recipe)
Apple Smoothie (Recipe)
Apple Umbrella (Recipe)
Baked Potatoes (Recipe)
Bamboo Drum (Recipe)
Bamboo Lunch Box (Recipe)
Barrel (Recipe)
Beekeeper's Hive (Recipe)
Birdbath (Recipe)
Birdcage (Recipe)
Bonfire (Recipe)
Bread (Recipe)
Brown Sugar (Recipe)
Bulldozer (Gray)
Butter Churn (Recipe)
Cardboard Table (Recipe)
Cherry Smoothie (Recipe)
Clackercart (Recipe)
Coconut Wall Planter (Recipe)
Cool Hyacinth Wreath (Recipe)
Cosmos Shower (Recipe)
Festive Top Set (Recipe)
Garden Bench (Recipe)
Garden Faucet
Garden Gnome
Garden Wagon
Garden Wagon (Recipe)
Gold Helmet (Recipe)
Gold Screen Wall (Recipe)
Golden Candlestick (Recipe)
Golden Decorative Plate (Recipe)
Golden Flooring (Recipe)
Gong (Recipe)
Green Grass Skirt (Recipe)
Hedge Standee (Recipe)
Hyacinth Lamp (Recipe)
Infused-water Dispenser (Recipe)
Iron Garden Bench
Iron Garden Chair
Iron Garden Chair (Recipe)
Iron Garden Table
Iron Worktable (Recipe)
Ironwood Diy Workbench (Recipe)
Jungle Wall (Recipe)
Lily Wreath (Recipe)
Log Bed (Recipe)
Log Chair (Recipe)
Log Extra-long Sofa (Recipe)
Log Stakes (Recipe)
Lucky Gold Cat (Recipe)
Magazine Rack (Recipe)
Mom's Pen Stand
Mountain Standee (Recipe)
Mushroom Potage (Recipe)
Music Stand (Recipe)
Natural Garden Chair (Recipe)
Natural Garden Table (Recipe)
Natural Square Table (Recipe)
Orange End Table (Recipe)
Orange Hat (Recipe)
Orange Wall (Recipe)
Orange Wall-mounted Clock (Recipe)
Palm-tree Lamp
Peach Dress (Recipe)
Peach Hat (Recipe)
Peach Rug (Recipe)
Peach Surprise Box (Recipe)
Peach Umbrella (Recipe)
Peach Wall (Recipe)
Pear Dress (Recipe)
Pear Hat (Recipe)
Pear Smoothie (Recipe)
Pile Of Leaves (Recipe)
Pizza Margherita (Recipe)
Plain Cupcakes (Recipe)
Rice Cooker (any)
Sandy-beach Flooring (Recipe)
Sauna Heater (Recipe)
Shell Partition (Recipe)
Simple DIY Workbench (Recipe)
Snowflake Wreath (Recipe)
Standard Umbrella Stand (Recipe)
Steel Flooring (Recipe)
Steel-frame Wall (Recipe)
Stone Lion-dog (Recipe)
Streetlamp (Black)
Surfboard (Any)
Tall Garden Rock (Recipe)
Tiny Library (Recipe)
Traditional Straw Coat (Recipe)
Tree-stump Rug (Recipe)
Tree's Bounty Lamp (Recipe)
Tulip Surprise Box (Recipe)
Whole-wheat Flour
Wooden-block Bed (Recipe)
Wooden Chair (Recipe)
Wooden Table Mirror (Recipe)
Yacht (Red)
Zen-style Stone (Recipe)

Wish List https://villagerdb.com/uselegendsofsara/list/wish-list
Aloha-edition Carrying Case
Baby Bed
Beach Chairs With Parasol
Beautiful Statue
Bird Mobile
Bistro Table
Blossom Lantern
Blue Rose Wreath (Recipe)
Boxy Stool
Bubble Machine
Candle Chandelier
Candy-skull Mask
Castle Tower
Cave (Recipe)
Cherry-blossom Bonsai (Recipe)
Cinnamoroll Signage
Cinnamoroll Tray
Compact Kitchen
Covered Counter
Crescent-moon Chair (Recipe)
Dessert Carrier
Disco Ball
EKG Machine
Elegant Bed
Elegant Chair
Elegant Sofa
Evergreen Ash
Fancy Bathroom Vanity
Festival Lantern
Festival-lantern Set (Recipe)
Festivale Garland
Floral Sconce
Flower Display Case
Icon Frozen-treat Set (Recipe)
Frying Pan (Recipe)
Gallant Statue
Gift Pile (Recipe)
Great Statue
Greenhouse Box
Hanger Rack
Hanging Shelves
High Chair
Ice-cream Display
Imperial Pot
Inflatable Bird Ring
Kerokerokeroppi Bridge
Kiki & Lala Bed
Kiki & Lala Clock
Kiki & Lala Cloud Maker
Kiki & Lala Sofa
Kiki & Lala Table
Makeup Pouch
Medieval Building Side
Metal Pot
Midsized Clothing Rack
Mochi Pestle
Mom's Hand-knit Sweater (Flowers)
Moon (Recipe)
Moon Cakes
Moroccan Footrest
Moroccan Lights
Moroccan Sofa
Moroccan Tray Table
Mush Lamp (Recipe)
Mush Parasol (Recipe)
Open Wooden Shelves
Paper-chain Ceiling Garland
Pine Bonsai Tree (Recipe)
Pine Tree
Pocket Modern Camper
Potted Starter Plants
Ranch Kitchen
Ranch Lowboard
Ranch Wardrobe
Robust Statue
Ruined Arch
Ruined Broken Pillar
Ruined Seat
Shell Music Box (Recipe)
Shoji Divider
Shopping Bag
Ski Rack
Square Bathtub
Suspicious Cauldron
Tower Of Pisa
Toy Duck
Wheat Field
Wooden Music Box (Recipe)
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2022.01.26 18:56 lss_bvt_and_05 LssTest-CrossPost-29497

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2022.01.26 18:56 ForeverHusker This company really doesn’t want people with diabetes to use these hand warmers.

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