Karen having a meltdown in a airplane terminal

2021.11.27 05:18 Faizycommando Karen having a meltdown in a airplane terminal

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2021.11.27 05:18 PotentialDig6631 A Saver's Reminders for the Holidays

Just putting these out here for all of us to remember this Christmas:

  1. It's how you treat others for the rest of the year, not how you treat someone during December that counts;
  2. It's okay to limit gifts to the VIPs in your life. It's okay not to give gifts to acquaintances. Yes, you don't need to give the elevator girl, security guard or delivery boy a gift if it's beyond your budget.
  3. Truly important people know that it's the thought, not the value, that counts.
  4. There is no need to splurge on food. In fact you'll do yourself and your family a favor by limiting food this Christmas. It takes months to lose a few pounds.
  5. If you find things too overwhelming or stressful already, it's okay to take a leave, or to disconnect.
  6. You can always say "No" and you don't even have to explain yourself.
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2021.11.27 05:18 paper2222 Prolangs Q&A (fan comic) (i'm sorry)

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2021.11.27 05:18 rtwpsom2 Second Post of my 11.11 haul: Seagull 1963

So today I got a couple of my 11.11 haul watches in. The first is my Seagull 1963. First impressions are really good. I really think the coloring and style are just amazing together. The blued hands on the golden dial provide such an amazing contrast. And because I'm a gear head at heart, I took the band off and watched the movement for a few minutes and was just mesmerized.
I think it looks amazing on it's NATO but the NATO itself is kinda on the cheap side so I might see if I can find another one. It comes with an alligator looking band but I'm not a fan of how they pair up.

I work with a bunch of engineers and they all get off on mechanical watches, so I am really looking forward to wearing this in on monday.
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2021.11.27 05:18 Dmarie94 Is anybody getting any messages from my little sister by chance? It was 100 days since I last talked to her yesterday and it’s been really hard

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2021.11.27 05:18 JameLowell 🔥 Let`s launch this Baby on PancakeSwap as well 🔥 Launch event will be on 30th NOV 00:00 UTC 🔥 SatoshiCrypto.finance is bringing everything to the table 🔥


-Dex: You can use our DEX to trade and provide liq for any project.
-Charts: Use our charts to view any project on BSC network

-NFT marketplace: For trading NFT`s .

-NFT gaming: 2 NFT games , play to earn will be released where 35 000+ SAT holders will be compensated even by not plying.

-Pre-sale Dapp: The cheapest and more secure Pre-sale Dapp in crypto where owners of the projects need to private dox to our team in order to use the platform.

-Staking and Farming: Stake your crypto assets to earn passive income and create liquidity for different projects to earn more money.

-Debit Card: A debit card similar to crypto.com will be released in the next fazes of the project.

-Crypto casino: We will implement a crypto casino on our platform where our users will be able to play various gambling games with crypto.

-Mobile Wallet: The mobile wallet will be released in the same time with the Crypto Casino, and it will be our own Satoshi wallet where you can stash all your crypto assets.

-BlockChain: Our developer team is already working on delivering the Satoshi Blockchain the following months.


1% Transfer tax rate ( 20% will be automatically burned)

⚡️ Cheaper than Pancake Swap.
⚡️ A Safer Pre-sale platform implemented and our 75k+ holders will benefit by getting 50% of the revenue gained.
⚡️ 30k holders to 75k holders will be rewarded with incentives from the NFT games without even playing.
✉️Telegram: https://t.me/satoshicryptofinance
🌎Website: satoshicrypto.finance
📜Contract Address: 0x4Ee80372D69260d72826f6e8F2351201618709Ae

🕊Twitter: https://twitter.com/SatoshicryptoF2?s=09
📘Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/satoshicryptofinance/?ref=share
📘Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/SatoshiCryptoFinance/
🔖Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/satoshicrypto.finance
🎥Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SatoshiCrypto
🧱Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/SatoshiCrypto/

🌍 A 4% deposit fee will be charged when users enter staking on Satoshicrypto to buyback .
🌍 An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 1% of his/her friends' earnings forever.
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2021.11.27 05:18 Few_Calligrapher1957 Shortcut ideea on E01

idk if it works but here is an ideea to try for E01 on tm nation forever, trying skip loop by jumping in the checkpoint.
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2021.11.27 05:18 RichardGrayson37 JJ after realising Vik is richer. "Alright let's check his monthly listeners"

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2021.11.27 05:18 n-ggaballsack IWFTR

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2021.11.27 05:18 lj0zh123 Magic starts appearing in Westeros ala "Age of Heroes" type at the start of the series and started getting more confirmed reports of this phenomenon during W5K in the worst possibly affected places of the war, what type of magic would start appearing?

Also what would you think is the best magic specifically associated with the regions in Westeros? Like in another thread, the Reach has someone that could grow plants ala Garth Greenhand style. So wondering what type of magic will start appearing especially in regions like the Riverlands?
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2021.11.27 05:18 TheGiowis Vettel NOOOOOO

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2021.11.27 05:18 mcrizzy (21M) Take a guess at my ethnicity

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2021.11.27 05:18 UnderstandingHorror9 Wholesome Skyrim

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2021.11.27 05:18 condensedBeans Alexa, you good?

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2021.11.27 05:18 imjusthereforanswrs How long did it take you to conceive after you got off birth control?

How long did it take you? Did you wait a while after getting off to ttc or did it happen immediately?
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2021.11.27 05:18 AnonKags What if she isn’t single? Will it ruin the friendship and make things awkward? (19M)

Basically the title.
Never been in a relationship, had a couple of crushes, nothing ever happened.
Whenever I meet a woman I’m interested in, I always get super nervous and overthink everything. I don’t really have “game” and I can’t flirt very well.
In my head I was weigh up the risk of trying to take things to the next level, but I guess I always chicken out. And if turns out that they’re already in a relationship or aren’t looking for one, wouldn’t it make things weird between us. Because at that point she would know how I feel about her?
Any advice?
I won’t lie, I’m starting to get to the point where it upsets me a little, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and why it’s never happened. Everyone just keeps telling me to wait and that it will happen when I least expect it, but I’m just losing hope as every day goes by.
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2021.11.27 05:18 VentiMoxx Since some were asking, here is the shield part chart for bl2!

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2021.11.27 05:18 kra5yo Do we need to get a screenshot post from every person that gets the update?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 05:18 FlyingPlatypus5 when you use the wrong html input type

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2021.11.27 05:18 dabbinyoda Water on the floor out of nowhere after hearing sounds in the apartment

Once I was using the toilet and heard someone twisting the knob of the toilet door. I said "Sorry, it's taken" because I thought it's my roommate. Then I realized that no one is home because I was renting an apartment with one person, but that person went home for Christmas. She even left a note saying that she wouldn't be at home for that period of time. So I thought it might be a thief.
After a while I left the toilet because there was no more noise after that twisting knob. I walked around the apartment to check if everything is okay. I found a puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen. I looked around, nothing was dripping, so until this day I can't figure out where did that water come from.
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2021.11.27 05:18 ash10gaming Why is the ai like this

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2021.11.27 05:18 tzuyuwankenobi Songs you wish were released later after a group got more popular?

So I’m sure we have know at least one song by a group that’s considered “before its time” or “released too early”. Let’s say you were able to take a song from a group and have it released for the first time right now (and no one knows about the first time it got released)
For example, I would choose NCT 127’s Limitless. For a song that came out before the group was even a year old, I still consider it to be one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life. And I’m sure a lot of other NCTzens feel the same way. If it got released today, no one would be ready for it.
So what song(s) would you choose to release and think it would blow up massively today? I’m really curious
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2021.11.27 05:18 VongDu B2B Telos Drops!

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2021.11.27 05:18 cookingandcraft Potato Vermicelli fry.

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2021.11.27 05:18 ayushj176p Damn I want a wholesome book asap now.

Just finished weh and I can't stop thinking about the book and the end I wanna be happy again pb bro pls.
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