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Daily routine of a dreamgender

2021.10.28 04:13 AntiDreamHQ Daily routine of a dreamgender

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2021.10.28 04:13 Fit-Cartographer-707 🥤 DogeCola & DogeBull 🐕 Huge potential | 90 days old | KYC & AUDIT | ✅ Huge marketing ✅ Autoboost (Buyback) ✅ High reflections for $DC $DB ✅

🥤 DogeCola & DogeBull 🐕 Huge potential | 90 days old | KYC & AUDIT | ✅ Huge marketing ✅ Autoboost (Buybck) ✅ High reflections for $DC $DB ✅
The first soft drink full crypto ecosystem designed to keep all charts going up while giving you crazy reflections just for holding and watch your money grow.
Holding DOGECOLA will make you earn up 16% in $DC reflections and also we get a buyback (autoboost) to keep the pump. Holding DOGEBULL will make you earn 7% in $DC and will also add to DOGECOLA buyback which will benefit in the price increase of your $DC reflections!
Our products will soon be available for online orders so right now it is the best time to invest before this rocket 🚀 takes off!
🥤 7% Redistribution in DogeCola
🥤 7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold DogeBull tokens, earn DogeCola.
*A minimum of 200.000 tokens is required in order to receive reward
🥤 Buy fees 🥤Sell fees
-2% Reflection to holders -7% Reflections to holders
-4% Marketing/Dev -4% Marketing/Dev
🥤 DC
🥤 DB
💻 Social Media:
🐱Contract: 0x6e37930AFeFD8AC359e36cea2c0d3775dB36EaA8
🐱Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6e37930AFeFD8AC359e36cea2c0d3775dB36EaA8
🐱LP Locked 2 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7338d4d380a0964bfd6755dc91c7f5c383572310
🐱Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6e37930AFeFD8AC359e36cea2c0d3775dB36EaA8#readContract
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2021.10.28 04:13 Maleficent_Deal_1617 looking for a mamager!

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2021.10.28 04:13 nostnet I drew Millie Parfait!

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2021.10.28 04:13 platepluscup Do I have to drill a hole to get my washing machine to drain?

I've just moved into a new property and I was getting a drainage error on my washing machine. After a whole day of troubleshooting I found out there was a blockage in the actual pipes. So I stuck something in the little drainage hole, where the washing machine hose connects to, and turns out that hole leads to no where. It just hits the side of the pipe.
What do I do about this? do I have to drill a hole?
I have no idea what the previous tenants were doing to wash their clothes.
Any help appreciated!
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2021.10.28 04:13 StonedSpirit420 Best websites for retro game boys/Old Nintendo consoles/Old PlayStations and GameCubes??? Let me know greatly appreciated

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2021.10.28 04:13 TraditionalGoal422 🐕 Wonder Shiba 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just Wonder Shiba memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
Wonder Shiba is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google " Wonder Shiba " and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is Wonder Shiba safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow Wonder Shiba holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
🐕Contract address: 0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb
🐕BUY HERE:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb#readContract
🐕LP Locked:https://deeplock.io/lock/0xccd1e103a7a9a00bc2f27455eb107163c6666f68
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2021.10.28 04:13 Wild_Satisfaction_62 [REPOST] K Project Discord Server *[Not an RP Server] *

Welcome to the K Project Fanserver, its a fun and friendly place to hang out in. A server to group the community of K project and with some random talk about other anime or video game, or other subject, but mostly K related subject. Permanent Link to the Server: https://discord.gg/fhe33pXRq3 NOT AN RP Server
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2021.10.28 04:13 PRODUCERintheMaking 20 [M4F] I need an opinion

I'm looking for ears to listen to me so that I can ask for your opinion on something. We can be friends and crying shoulders for each other. Pwede tayong lumabas if pwede na rin and safe na. Sana open-minded ka rin
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2021.10.28 04:13 z-gyke-1 18/M/USA, looking for a penpal to write letters to

I am a 18 year old dude from the US, and I'm looking for someone to talk to and hopefully get some friends. I have had I think 1 or 2 penpals but it has never really lasted more than a week. I wanna find someone I can write to frequently and send handwritten letters to through the mail.
I like listening to a lot of music. I usually stick to jazzy hip-hop, but stray away from that quite frequently. I like collecting videos games and I also collect copies of the 2006 movie "Click" for sport. I have a cat that I love and spend a lot of time with and I used to live with 6 dogs before I moved.
I'm really not looking for any specific age, gender, or subject to talk about. Just want to talk about whatever and share my life with other people.
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2021.10.28 04:13 Inimbos Roger: thecomunist

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2021.10.28 04:13 CamTheArtist You'd still use discord too, wouldn't you?

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2021.10.28 04:13 Tiger_Yu Zero waste

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2021.10.28 04:13 RJdaBestYt I would be scared too

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2021.10.28 04:13 Tyguy3535 A turning point, everything happens for a reason?

So recently I've become unemployed and due to financial difficulties compounded by gambling I had to move back in with my mom back in a different city than where I was. Only temporarily but still a tough pill to swallow. However I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and this happened to "reset" my life.
Since moving back here I have not gambled. I have been driving for Uber to get some income while I look for a new "real" job in my field again. Anyways since being here though I have met a girl who also seems to have a gambling problem. This is part of the reason why I think I have been doing better is because her and I have been texting (no relationship possibility, we are just friends) and she tells me when she has been at the casino and how much she has lost each time. For example last weekend she texted that she lost $2300 and said she would never go back and then the next day texts me saying she went back and lost another $700. She is borrowing from friends and family and on her credit card etc to finance her gambling. It almost seems like she's worse than me.
Anyway I try to be supportive and just someone for her to talk to but the reality is now that this has helped me to understand how others may have looked at me when I told them my gambling problem and how much I have lost. Because I look at her and think like why are you doing this to yourself what is wrong with you and then think who am I to judge and realize people have probably looked at me the same. Now an I seeing myself, in her, and how completely stupid it is to be gambling like this.
I feel almost as if this was meant to be, like I was supposed to come here and then happen to meet her and it opened my eyes to see what I have been doing to myself, by seeing what it is doing to her.
I think that this has been a huge wake up call and I think I have learned more and this has helped me more in the last 3 weeks than any GA or other therapy ever did or even reading on here. Getting to know someone else personally who has the same problem as you is what has done it for me. I honestly think I've reached a turning point in my life when it comes to gambling. Whenever I do move on and find a job again and get back on my feet, I hope I will always remember her. I wish her all the best and hope she gets the help she needs, but as for me, seeing her situation directly has helped me tremendously.
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2021.10.28 04:13 LightSeppel If anyone wondered what a Mosshroom Island looks like [9h Survival Project]

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2021.10.28 04:13 victaeron Programming assignment in R - Need(buy) help

Assignment is due tomorrow at 17:00 CET. A experienced R programmer wont have any difficulty with this assignment. PM me for more info!
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2021.10.28 04:13 First-Future-8858 $ShibArmy 🐕 | Low market cap Gem with $SHIB rewards!🔥| Most Diamond Handed Community | 400 Holders

$ShibArmy Token is a SHIB reward contract that pays holders in SHIB. No need to claim just hold the ShibArmy in your wallet and you will earn SHIB.
We are a team from UK and US with big plans for SHIB we are here to show the respect to SHIBA and create the next moonshot on BSC. Focused, dedicated and proven.
Launched 2 weeks ago and holding extremly strong floor at around 400K. Liquidity is locked for 3 months and will be extended, hard marketing and a doxed dev.
Gotta give the ShibArmy Dev Team and community a shout out! you guys are amazing! Best diamond hands and dedicated peeps in the space! 8% SHIB rewards to boot! We are going to 100 million$ MC !
Why ShibArmy ?
➖100% safu, long term legit project
🔒 Contract Audit by Dessert Finance
💠 1000x GEM
➖ 100% verified contract
🐕Tokenomics🐕 Each transaction has a 10% fee subtracted which powers our cause
8% Rewards In Shib
1% To Liquidity
1% To Marketing
Slippage: 10-12%
Get in before it's too late!
📝 Contract Address: : 0xD18B1DDc92ce642c8db2370635D1f1677dcbD4a2
🔄 Buy $Shibarmy token on Pancake Swap 👆🏼
In a sea of scams, we are the real deal 😇 Come help us heal the world 💖 ➡️ TOKEN CONTRACT
💠 Links:
BUY HERE:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xD18B1DDc92ce642c8db2370635D1f1677dcbD4a2
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xD18B1DDc92ce642c8db2370635D1f1677dcbD4a2#readContract
LP Locked 1 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xf6b56a6b3232da43cc4737b25202a7276dc823d8
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2021.10.28 04:13 thegreatman111 Distracting me from my feed by telling me about how they help people avoid distractions

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2021.10.28 04:13 attarae Damage loss for using Zhongli in place of anemo VV

So I'm using Childe international for current abyss but have to switch Sucrose for Zhongli cause I don't have full EM VV yet (only got 1 set and it's used by Kazuha in the other room) and Sucrose is still underleveled + better survivability.
How much of a potential damage loss would that cost the team? Considering Zhongli's res shred + 4 pc millelith.
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2021.10.28 04:13 Glad-Leadership-363 Ehm....myslel jsem si že je ponďelí takže to vypadá takhle.......:)

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2021.10.28 04:13 NinjaRishuOnYT What the hell!?

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2021.10.28 04:13 Fanofeverything2003 “Eye of the tiger” is the world’s most overused song.

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2021.10.28 04:13 25Shmecklez My heavily modified G2655T

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2021.10.28 04:13 HarvesterOfBeer Stuck

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