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Type me? You can ask more questions if you'd like to.

2021.10.28 05:43 superlunarybeings Type me? You can ask more questions if you'd like to.

I referred to some of the questionnaires and I'm not too good at describing or expressing myself, here goes nothing:
-I'm 18, Female. (if that is a useful information and affects your typing at all)
-I do not have any medical diagnosis as far as I know, but I can get very anxious for no particular reason, but I wouldn't say I have anxiety or any other illnesses.
-Not working, I am a Pre-university student that is currently taking Foundation in Life science. It's interesting but I don't quite know if I like it or I dislike it (and I don't think that's too important anyway). I specifically chose it since I could study something that I'm trying to pursue in that University if I take up Foundation in Life science first.
-It depends. Sometimes I can be quite absorbed into doing my own activities so I am not really bothered by the idea of being alone. However, sometimes I'd like to speak to some people, mainly because I have something to discuss about and I want to know their thoughts about it. But even if I am not alone and with a particular person, for example, my family member, we would just sit in silence and we do our own thing without saying anything unless we have something to talk about (and both of us are okay with that).Otherwise, I would just be doing my own thing, as I have stated above. (I don't go out much anyway).
-I prefer sports over outdoor events. I've played handball before in primary school and I wasn't the best at it, but I usually play the defense. I've tried netball as well but because the school says its compulsory to participate. I like playing badminton. I've participated in sprinting but most of the time I would find excuses to not join the sports, I've only participated once in secondary school. This is not something I'm involved in and I don't know if it's helpful, but I do like Ice skating and I find it artistic in a way, I'm not sure if that's the reason I like it though, I can only say that it looks fun. I do work out but I have a problem where I can stick to the schedule for a good amount of time before I just get burnt out or lazy and lose all the discipline and I just stay in that condition for a very long time before it repeats.
-I am curious about certain things such as existence and why are we all here, what's the purpose of all this thing, if anything ever mattered at all. I tend to question if the way people perceive God is correct (I'm a Christian) and I wonder why God does all of these things, I am still believing but I wonder if what I'm believing in is truly what it is or its just a bunch of interpretations of what is written being passed down to people which leads to some subjective views over how God is and how God works. Sometimes I don't know if I can trust anyone or anything at all. Besides that, I also question human behavior, I wonder why people act a certain way, what made them what they are now, what is their thought process, I get curious about what they are thinking and I want to know what they are thinking that led them to saying something or doing something. I do have some ideas but I do not know how exactly to describe them, but I can give an oversimplified example like "What if A was B all along, and what led us to A was bla bla bla...while in fact it's B because its bla bla bla..."
-I can be very clumsy, like when I try to sit down, I don't know how do I even end up almost falling. I sometimes injure myself (either I hit my arm/elbow somewhere, accidentally kick something accidentally cut myself which happens more than it should when I deal with knives and etc.) but there are times I can be very receptive to my surroundings, I have a fairly good hearing and I can hear what people are talking about in the next room sometimes or downstairs, I can be quick to catch something. I can't really say if I enjoy working with my hands or not since I don't really have an opinion about it. I've tried crafting but I'm bad at it (but being bad doesn't stop me lol).
-I'm not artistic, I've tried drawing once or twice, which I did successfully draw something (but I have to refer to a drawing already on the screen because I have zero experiences with sketching etc. but it worked even though its not the best).I hate coloring and I know hate is a strong word, but I really cannot color, I just think it's too energy consuming when I have to color something, so my coloring was always the least presentable because I only care about getting it done (they never said it had to be pretty).I enjoy semi-realism art, usually digital art and maybe oil paintings. I just enjoy seeing them, it's nice to be able to bring the world in the picture to life inside your head. There are times when my friend sends art to me and asked for my opinion I usually just say "Oh it looks gloomy or lonely" although the art does not seem to show that, but that's how I saw the art as.
-I don't think too much about the past, maybe at random times it just pops up and I feel some embarrassment and question why I did that particular thing. But few moments later I don't really care and just proceed what I'm doing. The present, I think I take it for granted, because I don't really think about what I'm doing at the moment, I'm always planning something in my head for how many hours later or tomorrow or next week or next month. The only time I am actually focused if I am doing something that requires my full attention at the moment, like when I'm writing this for example. The future I look forward to and I dread at the same time, but it's not something you can avoid, so all you can do is plan and hope your plans don't backfire, and if they do, just get plan B.
-I would help because they asked. Sometimes I might get annoyed since I'm clearly busy doing something and someone expects me to deal with something while it's something they can easily deal with themselves and they choose to whine about it without considering how much I have on my plate but at times like that I never got the chance to help because the person is done with what they need to do anyway. Otherwise, most of the time I'll just say "Yes" and help, with some occasional "No" and apologizing since I'm pre-occupied with something at the moment, but I don't really have the heart to say No since I do not want them to feel bummed out or something.
-Yes, I do need logical consistency in my life if the situation requires one.
- Productivity and efficiency is important but I am not the most disciplined person. I can be really focused, doing my work and not wanting to be bothered until I am done with it because once I do that every second matters to me and I don't like my time being wasted. But there are times I contradict that behavior and I get tired of having to deal with the same "concept" of work all over again because it's getting repetitive which leads to procrastination. But I always try to strategize some plans to get some of the work done in the best way possible while I'm procrastinating and doing something else so I can send the work in time and once I do that I just get to work instantly cause I want to get it done, so I can do what I want to do.
-I'm not sure if I have controlled others, but I do find it irritating when I plan something and I tell someone how I want something to be because it's easier that way and there's less process and work. And suddenly when a third party comes in, they go against the plans I've made and decide to do things their way. I sometimes get quite frustrated and if I were to reflect back on how I acted, I tend to raise my voice and have some sort of an outburst which I realize is very unreasonable of me because I could just talked it out and held my cool but I guess I was too annoyed because I only trust the things I do own my own for certain situations and I don't trust other people when they try to do it their way instead of mine. However, sometimes I just don't care and let them do it their way but I tell them that they have to do everything since they want it their way.
-I like playing games, reading storybooks, writing stories and listening to music. I don't know why I like them, I just do. Maybe because it stimulates my brain and I find them enjoyable.
-I honestly have no idea what is my learning style, I grew up memorizing things and that's how it always was, but I can't always rely on my memory even though it can be really good. Funny enough, I struggle with memorizing actually, even though sometimes I can do it easily but it could be a hit-or-miss situation. My brain either wants to take in the information or it doesn't. It's easier when I understand the concept but even then I still need to remember the things involved in that process because my exams require answering with details since its a written test (I hate having to deal with that because I have to remember every single bits and pieces and it takes up so much of my energy).Which is why I like multiple choice, cause even if I don't remember, when I read the question and I see the answer choices, my brain might just remember what I read the for that topic from seeing the answer choices.
-I can be good at strategizing things. I like to weigh the pros and cons, and see how much what I lose as opposed to what I can gain from what I am about to carry out. I do write down my tasks and what I'm supposed to do for each day of the whole week (for the sake of disciplining myself and following a routine) but it's not an exact detailed routine, it's just what needs to be completed in that day and I can do that according to my own time as long as I fulfill the checklists and it goes on for the whole week. Sometimes I don't follow it cause other factors may inhibit me from doing so and I have to change my plans. I do not feel confident in improvising or winging unless I'm already at a desperate situation so I go ahead and wing it all (even then I still have made some preparations, just not enough preparations).
-Not sure what is important to me, maybe harmony and happiness. I do not know how to explain why exactly, harmony is just important since it brings peace to the surroundings and it's nice to see people around you feeling happy.
-I used to daydream but it's because it's something that appears in my dream the day before. Sometimes I space out and think about nothing, just blank and realize I haven't been actually paying any attention and my mind was elsewhere with me being completely unaware of that. These days I do imagine scenarios but I tell myself to be grounded because it won't happen and I shouldn't get my hopes up for something that is unlikely, basically keeping my head in the clouds but my feet anchored to the ground. I usually only pay attention when I need to, for example when someone is talking, I would prefer to see them while they speak and sometimes I stare at them way more than I'm supposed to, but sometimes I avoid eye contact, it really depends.
-If I were to imagine I am in a blank empty room..my thoughts would be "Why am I even in a blank empty room in the first place?"..."What am I doing here?" .."Am I supposed to gain something by being in this room?".. "Is this supposed to tell me something that I cannot see?"..."What is the point of this?".
-I don't take long to process emotion. I can feel them as I'm going through different situations, but the situation depends, because sometimes I either rationalize or I cannot feel, especially when it comes to dealing with people's problem, because I'm not good at comforting even if I am emotional. Sometimes people want a listening ear but I'm too busy trying to give solutions, but I try to fix that by making sure I ask them if there is anything I can help with or if they just want me to listen. Emotions are important to me but at the same time I find them quite burdensome because they make you irrational, but it's beautiful because you get to feel what other people are feeling in the moment, like some sort of an infection, and it's great when it's a positive feeling, and usually the opposite if it's someone's negative feelings.
-Yes, I sometimes agree to appease people . If it's just group decisions on certain things and it's not something too important then I would just agree without questioning. If it's other things where I think that there is a way to do it better, I would suggest it and see how they take my suggestion, if they choose to go on with their plans then I'll just let them be even though I don't entirely agree. It depends on the situation really, there are things I can disagree about and I will tell them why I cant agree with them, but we would just agree to disagree because to each their own and I don't want to argue if the person doesn't take it well.
-I break rules if it's a minor thing that can be overlooked. But sometimes I try to compromise the rule by thinking "Well they didn't say you can't do A, they only said you can't do B, so are we breaking any rules here?". I won't break the rules if it's something that is on a large scale and can cause serious offense. But if the rules are silly and I don't see why should it be implemented at all, then I think it should be questioned and challenged, but honestly speaking I won't speak up against it because I like avoiding unnecessary trouble, I'll let someone else do that job.
-I guess at the moment my ideal life would be a life that is simple and stable, since that is what I'm trying to achieve for my family. Mainly because I'm not from a well-off family, we're not poor but we're not rich either, just in between but slightly leaning towards the lower part of the spectrum. It would be nice if I could get a nice job and get my family whatever they want, all they have to do is ask, because I have the luxury to afford them anything. It's nice to have that kind of life because it feels good to be giving without having to worry about myself since I'm already well supported and I have everything I need. It may sound materialistic to some people, but that's just how my ideal life is. I won't ask for more, just to be stable enough that I can get resources for myself and for other people and it doesn't have to be just my family, it could be other people while living a life that is simple in a way where you don't have to do so much to in order to enjoy and appreciate everyday of your life.
I guess that's all, I skipped some questions. But I hope it's helpful, and if it isn't, you can ask me anything or just chat me here. Thank you for your willingness to read this very long post.
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2021.10.28 05:43 FullConsideration371 Starting Dragon / Herald / Baron while opponents whole team is alive.

The amount of times I've lost games because of these stupid decisions recently is alarming. I main rammus JG, and he isn't the best at drag n Herald. He can't solo till mid late game and even then it's very slow. I've had team mates start either while I'm pinging retreat, and I tell them in chat it's my call to make.
At the very least let's kill their JG first so I'm the only one with smite.
Ideally you want atleast 3 dead in my opinion.
I'm dead set talking losing those mid late games where you are on a clear lead with more kills, only to have baron stolen after its eaten half your team's HP for the opponents to finish you off easily, get aced and watch your nexus get stomped while everyone is on a 45+ sec death timer.
And when I play other roles, too many times my JG will start objectives instead of ganking my lane, it makes no sense.
Rant over.
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2021.10.28 05:43 ChanKing Sprite World Mace is still untradeable even it is worth 15 gold of forge

Sprite World Mace is still untradeable even it is worth 15 gold of forge
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2021.10.28 05:43 Inevitable_Figure_85 Which pots for 4-Knob Telecaster?

I'm upgrading my pickups (Seymour Duncan Custom p90s), and it says in the wiring diagram to use 500k pickups, but the manufacturer used 250k. Which should I use? I definitely want the brighter tone it claims 500k pots will provide, but wouldn't the manufacturer have used these if they were best? Thanks!
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2021.10.28 05:43 factorem_nihil Final update DPC latency spike caused by two monitors

After doing a bunch of testing, I've concluded that the issue is indeed a driver related one. In the previous thread (you can find a video displaying the behaviour on the previous thread) I tested a bunch of things that could be causing the issue and found out that my second screen was the culprit. The work around was to not display animations on the second screen or to disconnect it. Now after further testing I've found that that if I enable eyefinity, the DPC latency spike also doesnt happen, which leads me to believe that the issue is mainly caused by GPU acceleration. On Nvidias side there is an option that can be enabled to allow for GPU acceleration on multiple screens, but as far as I know no such thing exists for AMD. I've been in contact with AMD support and hopefully they can provide a fix to this issue.
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2021.10.28 05:43 solohdfan I really stumbled across the lamest fucking sub on Reddit, get a job LOSERS!?!

Just kidding. Fuck that slave shit.
Still gotta work though 😭😅
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