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2021.09.25 08:31 reddit_feed_bot Lisa Benson: Lisa Benson by Lisa Benson for Fri, 24 Sep 2021

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2021.09.25 08:31 prbxuq Where's my cent

1 cent that fnaf is coming at october 31
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2021.09.25 08:31 Moisty-Cloud My New Base

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2021.09.25 08:31 ragstorichespodcast What is something we do, accept or enjoy that will be frowned upon in 100 years from now?

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2021.09.25 08:31 casualphilosopher1 Conservatives hold 5 point lead over Labour going into conference season

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2021.09.25 08:31 FlavortownGuyF Tallah - Friend Like Me
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2021.09.25 08:31 Teligth Is this safe to put in the overhead? Ignore the shoddy wrap job.

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2021.09.25 08:31 eliselaurennes25 selling] [26] [F] I am very hot, I want to play all night 😈 😈😈😈😈[cockrate] [GFE][Pics][vids][sexting] kik [eliselaurennes]

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2021.09.25 08:31 johnrock001 Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List

Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List -
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2021.09.25 08:31 TakinDabs Smell distortion

I had covid and recovered and now everything I smell smells, off. I had a shirt that smelled funky to me but smelled like detergent to everyone else.
Anyone else have smell distortion?
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2021.09.25 08:31 awadraws Can someone help with teams?

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2021.09.25 08:31 pipsikamlo Amazon Promo Code For Anything

Here is the Amazon Promo Code For Anything
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.09.25 08:31 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations -
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2021.09.25 08:31 Student4982 Backup given FileVault, no admin

I need help. I know next to nothing about my computer.
I tried to install Big Sur last week on my MacBook Air, but for some reason (perhaps not enough space?), the installation got stuck in the middle. It ultimately finished updating after more than 24 hours and some help from Apple support, but when I got back to my computer, I was now a “standard user” and there is no “administrator” anymore. I was in touch with Apple about this frustrating issue and have been instructed to backup my files before they basically factory reset the whole thing.
I want to know the best and fastest way to backup my Mac. I can’t use time machine for the backup because I don’t have the necessary admin password. I want to know the quickest and most efficient way to backup as much of my computer as possible. Will all the apps disappear or is there a way to save those, too?
I know I did a time machine backup about a year ago, but I’m not sure if I’ve done anything more recently or how to find out if I have without the admin password.
Also, I have FileVault on! I don’t want anything getting messed up because of that.
Here are some options: - Carbonite: it has a lot of my files backed up already and I can add some more, but not everything. Will this interact with FileVault in any way though? - iCloud: I’m willing to buy as much storage as needed - External hard drive: I can buy one but will this require an admin password? And will it be possible to recover the files if I have FileVault on? - Other ideas are welcome.
Thank you sooo much! I’m just so confused and overwhelmed and want to do this in the easiest way.
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2021.09.25 08:31 brickbacon The NBA draft process needs to function more like an auction and less like a snake draft

I think the NBA draft process needs to change considerably to make it a more effective and efficient system that doesn't functionally exclude many teams from meaningfully interaction, while simultaneously rewarding bad stewardship.
I propose that the draft process should be amended to focus on two primary actions:

  1. Awarding every team two unspecified picks (ie. an option to draft a player) every year. Those options can be traded, sold, etc., but would be a requirement to draft a player at any position in the draft.
  2. Determining draft slots (ie. draft order) based on a bidding process using draft dollars that are given to teams based on their performance during the prior season (lower performing teams get more money) among other things. Additionally, I would allow teams to carry over unused money from one year to the next.
  3. The process of actual drafting would require that each team with an available option to pick bid on a given draft slot. The highest bidder win the opportunity to draft a player in the slot they won.
I believe this would help fix a number of issues and misaligned incentives.
  1. It would create an economy that allows for more oversight and intervention, and more avenues to minimize tanking. While flattening the lottery odds has helped, it still doesn't fix the fact that positive outcomes (better draft picks) are proportionally, and predictably connected to (under) performance. By disconnecting a specific draft pick from a poorly performing team, you can incentivize winning in specific contexts and situations. In essence, you can intervene in the same the FED does in the economy through mechanisms similar to how nations conduct monetary policy. Specifically, you can penalize teams who constantly tank, or load manage their players with fewer draft dollars. You can award more draft dollars for teams that improve on their prior year's record. You can award sub-.500 teams for every win they tally in the last quarter of the season, or use it as a prize for a mis-season tournament. By creating an economy with a more fungible and divisible currency, you can more easily address market distortions, crashes, and inefficiencies.
  2. It disentangles poor performance from poor management. The reality is that in a zero-sum system, more talented teams will win more often. Many teams are bad because they lack talented players. However, many, if not most of those teams are also poorly run. Although drafting is just one of the three ways to improve a franchise broadly speaking (the others being player acquisition and player development), the current system rewards crappy teams with star players whose potential is subsequently squandered (see AD/Zion). The current system is perverse. The NBA isn't better off when stars languish due to bad administration. It's basically a resource curse. Most bad teams cannot actually fully actualize the talent they have. Poorly run teams shouldn't be rewarded with players like AD and Lebron. Alternatively, if you allow poorly performing teams to leverage good management by giving them more agency and ability to build their teams in a more careful and deliberate fashion (ie. allowing them to bid and value their draft picks appropriately), you will see much better outcomes all around. Right now, you are giving good front offices the same rusty hammer as the bad front offices. Instead, you need to give them both a scalpel, as you need a much more finely attuned instrument to appreciate, identify, and magnify their differences.
  3. Auction rules allow for more accurate "pricing" than what we currently have. In a draft with 4 potential superstars, the 5th pick is worth considerably less than the prior four. The current system doesn't reflect that in any meaningful way. If you are a team trying to improve via the draft, you are basically stuck with the results of a literal lottery. That lack of agency makes it much harder to plan, or utilize actual skill.
  4. By allowing for dollars to be rolled over year to year, you can create a process by which all teams can theoretically be engaged. It allows for more, and more varied paths to excellence. Right now, many teams are essentially in a Sisyphean loop. They're often small market teams that get a potential superstar. They flail about for 4 years or so, wasting that star's potential as they fruitlessly try to recruit established players to sign with their team. Then, the star eventually leaves, team sucks again, and then they get their next star via the draft in a future year. Rinse and repeat. They can't get good enough, quick enough to convince the star to stay. If you can more easily time out and plan your potential ascent, you can more easily retain a budding superstar. For example, imagine if, after years of sucking, Cleveland was able to bid high enough one year to draft Lebron, Melo, and Wade in the same draft? Or if some team were able to retain Zion's Duke team in the NBA. In short, if your primary ability as a team to improve is the draft, you're kinda screwed because you can't move the needle without hindering your future plans. A perfect example if this is the Sixers. The process only worked as well as it has because their stars were on ice recovering from injuries early in their careers. In my system you can save money so that once you decide to go for it, you can still get good future picks using your saved resources rather than hoping you suck long enough to get enough good picks to actually stop sucking.
  5. It allows one to more accurately price and predict the value of assets. Right now, draft picks are traded regularly, but their value is largely speculative. That's generally a bad thing because it doesn't create a viable market that rewards excellence rather than luck. The goal should be a mutually agreed upon asset value. Yes, opinions vary, but there needs to be a baseline of understanding. Just as someone may value a US dollar differently from another person based on whether they think inflation is coming, both parties still agree that the object in question is a dollar and that it has a mutually agreed upon price at this moment. In the NBA, people are trading opaque nonsense. That's why picks are traded with so many exceptions and caveats; people are trying to reduce the number of possible outcomes. By divorcing the picks from the valuation process, you can create a much more transparent system. Additionally, you allow for trades that more accurately reflect the constituent parts. For example, when superstars get traded, the market is often all over the place because a number of largely extrinsic factors. If we have a price mechanism like draft dollars that is liquid, and can be traded and acquired in a seamless fashion, we could see a time where every players has a quantifiable "price".
  6. Lastly, it would be a huge event. I kinda love the spectacle of it all. I'd love to see dumb teams bid way too high on random dudes.
Anyway, curious to hear what people think, and happy to expound or clarify as needed or requested.
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2021.09.25 08:31 PizzaGaetz Rad Max!

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2021.09.25 08:30 PhoenixRobotics Is there a way to type above your head like in the original d2?

You used to have text float above your character’s head by preceding your message with !
But it doesn’t work in the remaster
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2021.09.25 08:30 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 08:30 MythraiNET P/NP Spring 2020 Question

Hey guys I'm a CCC student and currently applying to transfer to UC's and CSU's for Fall 2022 (started Fall 2019). I am applying for CS/applied math and my GPA (4.0) is pretty solid, however during Spring 2020, I ended up taking P/NP (above C) to avoid getting B's in Calc 2 and Physics 1. I made this decision due to hearing that UC's and CSU's are more GPA-oriented compared to other schools and won't penalize P/NP for major credit for Spring 2020. Since then, I have gotten an A for all my classes (11 not including the ones I am taking this semester) including the rest of the math classes, STEM classes, and a bunch of CS classes (mandatory and non-mandatory). Although my GPA is in the higher range, how badly will the P/NP grades affect my chances of transferring for Fall 2022? The schools I am looking to transfer to are UCD, UCSB, UCSD, CPSLO, UCB, and UCLA. I am already applying for TAG to UCD (CS&E) so I'm not too worried there. Is there anyone else who has taken P/NP for Spring 2020?
I plan on applying for applied math at UCB and UCLA and for CS at UCD, UCSB, UCSD, CPSLO.
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2021.09.25 08:30 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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2021.09.25 08:30 herseye31yazanadam atam yapmaz öyle şey

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2021.09.25 08:30 ireaddictionaries Feel sick today

Been in bed for hours and Im physically drained out,i'd rather do nothing and rest all day.
Im in pain.It sucks :/
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2021.09.25 08:30 SpiritualBit7296 Use The Camel

Having joined the French Foreign Legion, Pierre focused on becoming the best soldier he could. Day in, day out he trained; long marches with full pack, hand to hand combat, shooting range etc... but even all this activity couldn't take away the yearning he had, after all he was a young viral man. Tossing off in the barracks was not allowed and his balls were getting heavy and blue. After 3 months he couldn't take it anymore. He went to see the Commandant. "Sir respectfully I don't think I can do this any longer" he said " I can no longer concentrate on my duties I must submit my resignation". The Commandant new from experience what trouble his young recruit. "Recruit" he said "I know what troubles you, every man in this outfit, even myself, has had the same troubles as you ar one time or other. When you feel the urge, we go into the paddocks and use the camel"
The recruit was shocked at the suggestion, but refused the suggestion. Days went by, more training and more lower pain..he would glance occasionaly at the paddocks, and look at the camel. " No" he said "I can't do this, it's not right" but as night came sweating in his barracks in the desert heat unable to sleep he started to think about the Camel, Jasmine they called her, he thought of her long slender legs, her large doe like eyes, the glint in them, those sensual thick lips.. he couldn't help it any longer.
In the late night, under the clear starlit night, he walked into the paddock, Jasmine shuffled a bit nervously as he opened her stall. He saw a wooden tabouret, put in behind her, anxiouly climbed on it, and unzipped his trousers, and fully excited entered the beast. It was amazing, warm and wet, he thrusted until he exploded in pure ecstasy. That night he performed the act three times. Satiated he went back to his barrack and slept soundly. He did this nightly, for over week. His reluctancy evaporated after that first night of bliss and every evening seemed to be better than the last.
The following week, he got called to the Commandant's office, no doubt they had notice how his training had improved he told himself.
"Recruit" said the Commandant " it has come to my attention that you have been using the Camel nightly for the past week" " Oui" my Commandant he answered, " Perhaps I have been over enthusiastic, to be honest Sir, I was most reluctant at first, but after that first night with Jasmine, I wholeheartedly took to her".
"Yes, indeed and that is why I have called you to my office, you see recruit, the other men and I are concerned. When I said to use the Camel Jasmine when you have urges, I meant to say, use the Camel to go into town, there's a bordelo there!!!!"
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2021.09.25 08:30 Trick_Cute Can I become a UX-UI designer if I go into a digital media degree

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2021.09.25 08:30 vanidewa16 Latest iPhone XR Covers
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