BrOh'k Azz

2021.09.25 09:02 shotzz BrOh'k Azz

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2021.09.25 09:02 Medium-Ability-2043 👻 GhostBUSDer 👻 | LAUNCHING NOW | Get lucky and rich with us Earn Busd by Holding GhostBusder 💰 💰

👻 GhostBUSDer 👻 get lucky and rich with us
Who does not know it, the legendary hollywood movie Ghostbuster.
For all movie lovers and ghost hunters there is now the ultimate fan token.
Invest in GhostBUSDer and earn busd every hour. GHOSTBUSDER!
New projects appear on the market every day, with the price often shooting up after the launch. However, the price quickly falls extremely down again, as quick profits are collected.
Often, the extreme drop in price causes many investors to panic that they have been taken in by a scam and sell their coins as well. When they see that the price is rising again, they get angry and buy in again at a higher price.
This leads to a steady price movement where there are many winners, but also many losers.
These price fluctuations due to buying and selling are as certain as the Amen in the church!
We will use exactly these fluctuations and reward our investors through transactions.
💸 All holders of $GhostBUSDer tokens automatically receive $BUSD tokens airdropped into their wallets every hour
💰 Tokenomics
Slippage 12-14%
👻 Launch on BSC
🔐 Liquidity LOCKED:
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
10% buy tax: 2% liq 2% marketing wallet % 6% holder
10% sell tax: 2% liq 2% marketing wallet % 6% holder
Anti whale🐋 : max wallet 2%, max sell 0.15% total. ‼️
🔹 Contract: 0x06a47f4f3406dbce58edf0ac0373e172c500dd84
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.25 09:02 Fluid-Imagination-29 What to do when a get my gaming laptop?

My gaming laptop is going to arrive in a few week's and I just wanted to ask if for some tips and tricks about what I should do when I boot it up. Any software I should download, other things to keep in mind, etc.
Help would be appreciated!
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2021.09.25 09:02 Zrafty great!

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2021.09.25 09:02 wildeofoscar Science Fair

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2021.09.25 09:02 heinaga1989 SteamExchange Token ✔️ On track to be Canada's first, fully registered & compliant Centralized & Decentralized Exchange, a first of its kind! Doxxed Team

Be a Part of 2021's Most Iconic BSC Token Launch
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Made in Canada
Partnership with University Of Waterloo
-CEX/DEX Under The Same Roof
-Actively Hiring Across Canada
-Real Tokenomics Integration
Steam Exchange is poised to emerge as a credible, long-term player in the crypto ecosphere.
Featured On Many publications worldwide such as yahoo finance
Having accesss to a feature-packed Centralized Exchange has been an issue in Canada. With major brands exiting the market due to regulations, Steam Exchange is here to bridge the gap. Our goal is to comply with regulations throughout the country with one goal in mind: Provide Canadians with a place they can call home.
Built to be Compliant & Striving to be the best Centralized Exchange in Canada
Working with the best legal minds in the regulatory and compliancy world, Steam Exchange aims to be 100% compliant with OSC regulations, and regulations around the world.
With first of its kind features, the platform will truly be your one stop shop for all things crypto. We aim to provide services and functions that allow you to trade confidently and freely. Feature-packed while maintaining a high quality user interface. Promoting a well balanced, powerful Centralized Exchange.
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2021.09.25 09:02 laymentingterms Annie needs your help really bad to fix the gulf

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2021.09.25 09:02 Oudeoma Maak je Reddit!!

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2021.09.25 09:02 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 09:02 jbird221 Timber says, have a paw-some day!

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2021.09.25 09:02 Visible_Photo828 Join the Gir|s teen Discord Server!

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2021.09.25 09:02 H25azbxwyz Climate protests led by young people are planned Friday in more than 1,400 locations globally, as the UN warns that the world is 'moving in the wrong direction'

(Source: CNN )
Watch the video in our channel:

Members of Climate Action Network have reacted to the 76th UN General Assembly that took place in New York this week. Over the week, world leaders addressed the climate crisis and announced their agendas for the upcoming year, but CAN members argue they are not doing enough.
With weeks to go until the Cop26 climate summit, members of the group, including 1500 NGOs in more than 130 countries, are calling on world leaders to work together to tackle the climate crisis.
Following Friday’s youth climate strikes, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, a Fridays for Future activist from the Philippines, highlighted a key message from their #UprootTheSystem campaign, telling rich countries they have a “climate debt to humanity.”
Biden has pledged $100 billion towards climate funding before COP26, however Cansin Leylim, associate director of global campaigns at, said that it is not enough.
“To ensure that the global temperature stays below 1.5°C degrees, trillions of dollars are required. The USA should pay its fair share, ” said Leylim.
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.25 09:02 Blinx2000 Anyone agree?

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2021.09.25 09:02 Drishtimochi2 Tried something new!!

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2021.09.25 09:02 MaxxGawd Finally faced Vex as Quinn mid.. it's a very easy matchup

In short, if you dodge her Q you can engage/trade on her whenever you want. Her E does no damage and is more used to set up her Q. Her W won't be able to reach you. Her E however, has pretty short range. If you AA the wave while staying out of her E range (about same as her basic attack range), she will be forced to Q to wave clear. In these moments you can use harrier mark to A-E-A her after she throws Q and you'll pretty much always win that trade. I ran Electrocute & Eclipse first item into her. Got Wit's End second item and I was pretty much able to 100-0 her every time while face tanking her entire kit. Her damage early game is strong if she successfully lands the E+Q combo but the key is to just stay out of E range and dodge Q (it's pretty easy to dodge as far as skill shots go).
Granted this was ranked in Silver so I don't expect Vex in higher elo to be as easy but the way the match up played out for me, it seems like she can't really do anything to you if you just trade on her when her Q is down.
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2021.09.25 09:02 MotherRaven How to survive Camping 4-14

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2021.09.25 09:02 nocopyrightstuffs 👍 Awesome Videos Of | Satisfying ASMR Hand Move Sound Trigger & Relaxing...

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2021.09.25 09:02 thelovelyladymay619 Had all of these given to me today!

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2021.09.25 09:02 yellow_velvet Now time for random household objects I associate with the ladies of potomac

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2021.09.25 09:02 Attya3141 My downloaded music is 13mb while the music app’s data size is around 2GB. Is this a solvable issue?

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2021.09.25 09:02 rd63 Quickly sealing a leak - Solutions

DIY glass tank stuck with silicone sealant sprung a tiny leak. Theres just a small (1-2mm) gap in the sealant. Can I fill the hole with superglue? Or one of those quick drying gel adhesives? Im afraid if the superglue will melt the silicone. Im not home so I wont be able to use silicone and wait overnight, planning to drive there and apply something that acts quick and fill up the tank again in 1-3 hours or so.
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2021.09.25 09:02 AllCouponFree Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

Free Certification Course Title: Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.25 09:02 AllCouponFree Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

Free Certification Course Title: Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.25 09:02 Zealousideal-Ice1329 Være med vs bli med?

Do both share exactly the same meaning in any context ? (“Come along/Join in”) For instance are here completely interchangeable? Vil dere ikke «være med /bli med» på turen?
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2021.09.25 09:02 David809 That feeling when you get your first high kill game i got 18 kills and 5 deaths in invasion absolutely hype

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