My giant tree spawned with a chilly egg instead of a regular one

2021.09.25 08:28 Moonlotas My giant tree spawned with a chilly egg instead of a regular one

seed: 1485209555
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2021.09.25 08:28 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 08:28 Cold_Bug7331 Swap pm

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2021.09.25 08:28 Dulcimer85 [M4A] Seeking GM for Loincloth Barbarian Himbo on an Erotically Doomed Quest (Furry or human)

All players to be at or over 18 years old. Looking for imaginative and open minded people for a long term driven RP for fun and enjoyment. Heavily inspired by Tavern of Spear, Skyrim/DnD, Breath of the Wild and Monster Girl Quest.
It's about a muscled tribal wolf/human barbarian (played by me), only in a loincloth going to fight in a pervertedly evil land, trying to make a name for himself. But he must struggle against numerous enemies (traps and creatures) that seek to tease, tickle, edge, and milk him for his seed as he tries to resist cumming as that's his source of strength and stamina.
Should he cum (and that's the fun of it), the poor warrior passes out, defeated, ending his quest. So think of it as a "choose your ending" for the brave warrior as he tries to resist cumming against various types of unfair and highly imaginative enemies and traps as we chat about the various scenarios he can lose and bust his thick load, defeated, as you enjoy creating all the ideas and scenarios.
If you want, it can play like dnd with d20 rolls for success/failure with a willpower & stamina bar to see how long I can last. And can add all sorts of fun story elements to it. NPCs, tricks, twists, etc.
Environments: jungles, swamps, dirty villages, slime cave, abandoned village, maze like temple, etc. All with unique enemies and traps.
Enemies like cum thirsty zombies, seductive vampires, giant slugs, cultists, various plants, tentacles, shamen men, lamia, witches, harpies, blobs & slime, giant worms and anything else we can create.
Kinks: hypnosis, femdom, tickled, seduction, licking, suckling, confusion, wrestling, bondage, edging, lewd magic and more all for forced orgasm.
Im in the east coast USA.
Limits: anal sex, scat, watersports, gore & death of character
You can reach me here via chat or DM and we can move to Discord as we click.
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2021.09.25 08:28 arunsharma9 Sarita mehendale Kya legs h yaar

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2021.09.25 08:28 str8aura Thoughts on the movie because the Discussion thread came up a day early (SPOILERS)

So, I caught it on Berrytube; my first real Tube experience, and I made sure to make it count, (non-alcoholic) drinks and all. As a result, I am really tired staring at this bright screen, and I'm sure I'll forget some stuff in the haze of writing before bed at 1 in the morning.
So, here's the easiest part; the things I didn't like.

You'll notice it's not very long, because I actually had to stretch as it went on to find things I didn't like.
This was genuinely amazing, IMO. I don't see how anyone couldn't like it.
The music was one of the largest complaints I heard as info came out; the Trolls effect, too many generic pop songs, not enough substance. Seeing how far it leaned into the Broadway-esque musical genres (and how wildly different the final version of Fit Right In was) I think those worries have been sufficiently squashed, buried further down by Danger! Danger! I know, I know, Smells Like Teen Spirit and How Bad Can I Be soundalike, but those two were combined with just enough humor to make a villain song for the ages.
As for Sprout himself, I can see many complaining about a downsize in pilot villains from Nightmare Moon, but I was perfectly happy with the idea of an overgrown manchild whose never been told No spreading hatred through a combination of recklessness and malice, and I appreciate he wasn't reformed per se, although it resulted in an iffy ending for him.
For the main characters, the most obvious outlier was Pipp; a fun character, but unfortunately diminished in story role. The others definitely shone, although I admit I find their suddenness in friendship a little peculiar. Beyond that, they definitely showed themselves to be interesting characters, and I especially liked Hitch's traits; hypermasculine (dude has a pinup calendar of himself), constantly attracts small animals, a tether to the antics around him... Huh, maybe I just like a pony Dave Strider.
And finally, the most stand out part of the movie... this was just really funny. Dare I say, funnier than G4 at its best. The only joke that really stood out to me as dumb was the running gag of bad words eliciting superstition, but even that dog had its day as the quiet bing bong! reaction to Sunny's outburst in the otherwise quiet crowd. And of course, ending the movie on a perfectly cut scream sold it.
All in all, I'm happy G5 has its own identity with new locations and wonky outlandish critters separate from G4. Three complaints about the movie I've seen was that it built itself on G4, it didn't build itself on G4, and that it used too much tech lingo. If saying 'livestream' during a moment that really didnt warrant a livestream at all is this film's biggest flaw, i'm excited for the sequel series.
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2021.09.25 08:28 jlife203 Anyone know what these are? (Second pic on comment)

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2021.09.25 08:28 Chrome98 Who knew? How do we all not know about this guy?

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2021.09.25 08:28 minusnoodles Forgot if I've posted the new link - All that remains from an old video "music video" I did for the 2yr pregap

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2021.09.25 08:28 ahegaotraplord All accounts deleted after patch?

Was playing on Thursday night waiting with some friends after the patch dropped with no issues then woke up in the morning to play and found i have no access to any of my accounts over lvl 30 and they all just say "your login credentials dont match an account in our system". Its weird because 2 of the accounts im currently leveling have no issues at all and i can go onto them freely but its strange that my other 4 accounts which id played on for months/years are now non existent. Has this happened to anyone else??
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2021.09.25 08:28 TheGodsfavouriteson Prachi Desai’s pits

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2021.09.25 08:28 shilpa54321 NIFT Convocation 2021 | National Institute of Fashion Technology Bengaluru | Life Designer

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2021.09.25 08:28 King_Illager What do you call a Person named Jeffrey who has no arms or legs?

Jeffrey. Because that is his name. Why would you call him anything else?
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2021.09.25 08:28 Aryxiaa_ Love dragon wings, What are they worth atm?

Hehe I have no idea and I want to buy them lol
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2021.09.25 08:28 Ariff_Sketches_ (OC) Ultraman Matrix (with title card)

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2021.09.25 08:28 _FleetingExistence_ What makes you confident?

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2021.09.25 08:28 newaltid I work as customer service representative for UPS and I received one of the weirdest calls today. A FedEx employee called and they were asking about their daily pickup. I could not understand how and why a FedEx office has a shipping account and a daily pickup with UPS. Any ideas?

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2021.09.25 08:28 KevinAMPEW69 WARLOCK. my next step is get the wand of the old man, the wand of earth is the best for the warlock(bc he tank damage and also ca mark the soul of the earth guardian zapping he with the wand). Rose and wand or stransmution are good items for the warlock

WARLOCK. my next step is get the wand of the old man, the wand of earth is the best for the warlock(bc he tank damage and also ca mark the soul of the earth guardian zapping he with the wand). Rose and wand or stransmution are good items for the warlock submitted by KevinAMPEW69 to PixelDungeon [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 08:28 TerraRainesHasBrains am i annoying and cringe

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2021.09.25 08:28 KinGZurA partner business cards

im lost. exactly where do i spend these? its for the weekly that says “spend 500” of them but when i click on it, it just sends me to the recruitment page.
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2021.09.25 08:28 MetalJunkie101 I just made a simple program for my programming class. I wanted to showcase it like a toddler who just tied his shoes.

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2021.09.25 08:28 Oceanstreasure Dental Hygienist license transfer?

I am taking classes to become a dental hyngenist in college at the moment and was wondering how will I be able to transfer my license coming from a state like Florida
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2021.09.25 08:28 jolt_the_system New track dropped. Hope you enjoy this was a lot of fun.

Listen to Supersonic reimagined (JoltX Flip) by JoltX on #SoundCloud
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2021.09.25 08:28 twistedlavender5 Licorice cookie! Art by me

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2021.09.25 08:28 yogurtplaydate Is lexapro making my depression worse?

I only recently started taking meds for depression and anxiety. I was first prescribed 25mg of Zoloft over the summer and after 7 weeks though I saw some improvement in my mental health, it didn’t feel like quite enough. I had really bad side effects that persisted even after taking it for over a month, so I was switched to 10mg Lexapro to see if it would help more and hopefully without any or limited side effects.
I have now been on lexapro for around a month and a half and my anxiety has had noticeable change. I felt like Zoloft helped in this same way but lexapro may be a little more helpful. I used to constantly feel on edge and was always worried that at any given moment people could see/hear me or know what I’m thinking. To the point where I’d frequently have to stop what I was doing and I never truly felt comfortable. I always felt vulnerable and visible to unwanted eyes even when I was completely alone. I forgot what it was like to not feel anxious all the time. Now, I still sometimes feel like this but not nearly as often and it’s much more manageable. I have also noticed a positive effect on other aspects of my anxiety. I usually feel very sensitive to sounds particularly repetitive or static/white noise. This still bothers me but not to the same degree. Other things still affect me in terms of anxiety but the change has been so eye opening to what life can be like without feeling anxious 100% of the time that it doesn’t even seem that bad. I do get seemingly random panic attacks and spiral into worry still, but I feel it’s not as bad as what I used to experience.
Depression on the other hand is another story. While on Zoloft, I’m not sure I noticed much change in this aspect of my mental health. On Lecpro, it’s been very hit or miss Id say. I go from periods of intense depressed moods to relatively manageable day to day depression. For a few weeks after I first switched medication I felt completely numb and had zero motivation to do anything. This was also when my classes started so I had to drop several courses due to my lack of productivity. After dropping the classes I felt better and was able to catch up in my remaining classes and participate more in things I enjoy. But this past week I had a couple days where I felt extremely down and didn’t feel any emotion or feeling. I felt like I was somewhere in a gray area between dissociation and full consciousness. One night was particularly bad and I ended out calling a crisis line. I was also very anxious this night but somehow at the same time underneath that I felt very empty and hollow. It was weird idk. But after that was resolved I’ve felt relatively alright. I have been kind of drained and haven’t done very much or gotten as much done as I would have liked to, but I am not as empty as I was earlier in the week.
I’m not sure if my dose isn’t right for me or if I should try a different medication. Has anyone else had a similar experience with lexapro? Should I give it more time?
TL;DR: I started taking 10mg Lexapro pretty recently and it’s helped with my previously severe anxiety. My depression on the other hand, seems to fluctuate between periods of numbness and lower intensity depression that I already had before.
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