Hi my twins are buying for 449 if anyone is interested ask for dodo☺️

2021.09.25 08:24 Silver_Possible_6376 Hi my twins are buying for 449 if anyone is interested ask for dodo☺️

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2021.09.25 08:24 Nohan07 Huit patients, positifs au Covid, évasanés de Koné vers le Médipôle

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2021.09.25 08:24 Spentwaytoolong Running a Reinassance Era Superhero Game. Need ideas for worldbuilding

I'm running a Mutants and Masterminds Reinassance Era game (late in the era, bordering on the edge of the Era of Sail). I picked up a few books on the time period and I think I have a solid core concept down.
So randomly people start gaining superpowers, a la My Hero Academia. And all of Italy is very divided the idea. Some people call them blessings and others curses. Prior to the development of these abilities there were three rulers of power.
Magic; which functions as you'd expect. Magicans and the like learning the ways of the arcane.
Divine; stemming from the belief of God and the faith he bestows upon believers. Or the inverse inviting the daemons of Hell to to beckon under your command.
And last, but certainly not least science! Science is a fun one, as it's all of the principles of the world turned into utility for beyond their typical norm. The Spin from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure is a good example of what I mean. Utilizing the Golden Rectangle to perform so unique things. And an example off of my head is understanding the fundamentals of gravity and gaining gravity based abilities and so on.
I have given the players options to pick one or more of the following four power bases. And now I have so far this as the beginning.
The players are given a letter by a short character named Devito (it's obvious who this character is inspired from). The letter asks the players after being accessed to help uncover an assination that may be plotted against the author of the note and asks for the players assistance and investigation into a series of matters. The note is signed only by the letter L, whom the players will discover later on is the great Leonardo DaVinci!
The heinous plot is orchestrated none other than Michaelangelo, however not our Michaelangelo. As he was killed by himself an evil dimensional doppelganger hellbent on having the history books write him as the greatest man during this era. Within this chapter of the arc the players will face off against four individuals trained underneath Michaelangelo. Each of whom has powers based respectively on four operations of mathematics.
Addi-Addition. Sottra-Subtraction. Molti-Multiplication. And Divi-Divison.
There's a little more planned than just this. An evil vampire lord named Lord Redgrave who is a fusion of: Yhawach,Omni-Man,Fuher King Bradley, and Gol.D Roger. But that's a chapter later on.
So yeah that's all I have so far, I'd appreciate not only any ideas to help flesh out the world and make it as befitting to the setting as possible but any feedback as well. Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.25 08:24 Single_Pianist_6984 Sexy

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2021.09.25 08:24 Cambam1090 Cargo carrier split/cracked due to off-road flexing in the roof. What alternatives do you use?

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2021.09.25 08:24 beansexualgoose Not the beer. Anything but the beer.

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2021.09.25 08:24 zinngg Folks, I have been applying for SDE and SDE-2 roles at companies (like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Razorpay, Coinbase, Tower Research etc. ) but I never hear back. I have been tinkering with my resume here and there and only been applying to relevant roles. I'd highly appreciate some resume critique.

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2021.09.25 08:24 Disastrous_Dream173 I want to make a spanish speaking gaming channel, what game should I pick to start off with?

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2021.09.25 08:24 HaremLit Wrangler 3 audiobook, Hondo Jinx (Adam Gold and Amber Lee Connors: Narrators)

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2021.09.25 08:24 rulysteve Student of War lvl 7 Swift "Know Your Enemy" not working?

Can anyone confirm if the Student of War lvl 7 ability to let you cast "Know your enemy" as a swift action is working?
I can only cast it as a move action.
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2021.09.25 08:24 heyiitshaleyy Tarot 3 card spread!

I haven't used my tarot deck in a long time, as mentioned in my previous post. So im unsure of the in-depth meanings of these cards, so please put your input in the comments of the cards drawn and please correct any meanings i have put! (All meanings im putting are from the guidebook)

Change of position, renewal, outcome. ~ This is kinda weird because i got a call about a new job and im waiting to hear back if i got accepted...
Removal, absence, delay, division, rupture, dispersion, and all that design signifies naturally. ~ Can someone explain more about this card?
Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft, and business. ~ Okay another card talking about work??? Is this a good sign ill get this job?
Lowkey shook at these cards i pulled and how 2 of them had something to do with work. If anyone has any input on this spread please comment!
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2021.09.25 08:24 JmanJacob05 September Manga Haul and Full Collection

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2021.09.25 08:24 Bruce_Tang H: Fixers W: a few live & love 3,8 & bobbleheads

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2021.09.25 08:24 AlexSlyFox [ROLEPLAY] illuminati confirmed

The Cobras HQ executive room was dimly lit. Illumination would contrast the secrecy of the matters discussed within this crucial chamber. Currently, there were 18 men in this room, with about 30 guards. Draco Al-Arabi (the Cobra leader), 10 other Cobra executives, the Shadow Emperor, the Shadow King, the Shadow Prince, and 4 other executive members of the Shadow Order. They were all gathered around a lengthy table, with Al-Arabi and the Shadow Emperor at the 2 heads, signifying their importance.
"So what would you like to discuss?" Al-Arabi asked.
The Shadow Emperor, real name Wandile Nxumalo, cleared his throat. "I think you already know, Sandile."
Al-Arabi glared at Wandile with blooshot eyes. "The name's Draco."
Wandile chuckled. "You aren't fooling anyone, trying to get away from your roots. Anyway, I don't have much time and there are important things I'd like to discuss. To put it briefly, we'd like to cooperate with the Cobras."
The Cobras 9th-in-command raises a finger. "I'm sorry but who the hell even are you?"
"We are the Shadow Order. Essentially an illuminati in control of all the money in Ares. I am the Shadow Emperor, Sabelo Vilane's uncle. You could say I lead this organization. You could also say we lead this nation behind the scenes. We know everyone's deepest, darkest secrets, including yours." He points to Al-Arabi, smirking.
Al-Arabi snorted. "I'm not afraid of you."
"Good. Diplomacy isn't conducted based off of fear but, as it seems, this government doesn't understand that." He sighed. "Cooperation. We'd like to cooperate with the Cobras."
"How so?"
"We fund you, you work for us, help us get into power."
"Sorry elder, but we're with Vilane. You can't buy us."
Wandile briskly whistled before 3 guards came to his side, each carrying two 17x14" briefcases. They opened them revealing that they were filled to the brim with cold, hard cash.
"This is all $100 million. We'll give it to you monthly if you help us."
Al-Arabi shook his head, with a wry smile. "Ah, Swazis. Always turning their back on their family."
"It's funny hearing that from a man who let his son get killed."
The gang leader slammed his fist onto the table and glared at Wandile with fury. "Shut the fuck up."
The Emperor almost silently chuckled. "I'm assuming money won't do then. Look, Sandile, right now, with elections happening in less than a year, Ares is in a very dark place and it is going downhill. All this strife from the war up in Mozambique will surely rupture order here. If we get put into power, order can be restored. It might not seem like it, but I am the richest man in this country. I can fund the nation into excellence. I will give the gangs much more support than the current Vilane regime. It's black versus red here. Currently, the only Black gang of the Colossal 6 is Narco Empire, they've already agreed to support us. Everyone else? Not so much. We believe that if you agree to support the Shadow Order and bring you entire Serpentine alliance, it can make a big impact. The current president is a reckless child that can't run a country. His great uncle, though? My whole life has been surrounding diplomacy. I can run Ares like I ran my cocaine business in 8th grade."
"Sabelo gets freed in like a year though."
Wandile sighed. "Prison has made Sabelo crazy. We're lucky we've managed to keep the shit he says from the general public. I've heard he's killed some 50 people during his time there. Jail did something to a man. When he was... hitting Justin, I brushed it off but I think incarceration cultivated something ugly in him."
Draco Al-Arabi stared into space, pondering.
Wandile's son, the Shadow King (Nasipho Nxumalo), gulped confidently. "This country's becoming a dark place. This war is really gonna take a severe toll on the nation. You'd be lucky if your Cobras make it out alive. We'll help you. The Vilane administration has overstayed its welcome. It's time for the Ghost Empire. We'll turn Ares into something great."
The Cobras second-in-command, whispers into Al-Arabi's ear. Al-Arabi nods his head slowly.
The leader begrudgingly sighs. "We'll agree to cooperate."
Wandile tries to hold in a smile and extends a hand. "Good."
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2021.09.25 08:24 spinkleboi Best VPN Poll

Everyone has there own opinion so now let's see what is the most voted
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2021.09.25 08:24 vesnoimorskoi Best approach to get 5 stars (tough)?

What's the meta, guys? Best techs, perks, quirks, etc? I'm hunting for the achievement but only managed to get 3 stars on tough so far. Just can't create enough prosperous planets at the very end
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2021.09.25 08:24 07JEP Today I found a green grape in a bunch of dark grapes.

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2021.09.25 08:24 Mork59 I needed to write this letter.

You’ll never find this letter. But I need to say it. On my 18th birthday you showed up with a cake. You PISSED the hell out of my girlfriend and I was okay with it. Why? Because i wanted to see you. I’ll never tell you this but the fight about you ended this relationship. But you would never find this out. When you went to college in a different state, this was great for me because maybe I could move on. But that first summer back, I came into the summer with a new girl. Your school came back a few weeks later and I ended that relationship with the hope that maybe. Just maybe it could be started. It didn’t. Three years later we live near each other again. I work my ass off to become a better me. We mission the first time and we actually spend the night together. Idk why but that’s the last time I see you for a while. I figure there is a 0.0% chance for use and i move on to the worst relationship that one can imagine. This brings us to now. Both our relationships have ended and we see each other regularly now. My sober thoughts are of you but it’s just your drunk thoughts of me. We kissed again. You hold my had. Fall asleep on my arm cuddled up to me. But idk. You’re ashamed of me i guess? I guess it’s more of you care more about the physical than the heart. And i need to get over it. I just wish the over it was with you.
So this is where I’m at. Talking to strangers because i can’t figure it out alone. But I did. I have to let you go because that’s what’s best for me. I wish the guy that met you 14 years ago could prove his love. But I can’t figure it out. So this guys has to move on. I hooe you find what you’re looking for. The kids to coach. The husband to be in the stands supporting toys. I hope you find it all.
Oh. And just so you know, I love you.
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2021.09.25 08:24 kpblm_info Otaman, Pasiky-Zubryts'ki

Otaman, Pasiky-Zubryts'ki Otaman, Pasiky-Zubryts'ki https://otaman.kpblm.info/en Featuring free WiFi and a restaurant, Otaman offers pet-friendly accommodation in Pasiky-Zubrytski. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Some units feature a seating area to relax in after a busy day. Extras include slippers and free toiletries. Hetmana Mazepy Street 120, Pasiky-Zubryts'ki, 81137, Ukraine
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2021.09.25 08:24 That-Elk-4609 Update there’s the badge boys

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2021.09.25 08:24 popcornboiii Fox News BANS Rudy Giuliani, and He's "Really Hurt" By It

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2021.09.25 08:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 08:24 LosZeviak Should I murder my family

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2021.09.25 08:24 ShouldICareReallyNow Defenders of Peace

For those wondering, I have not given up on the Ice, Logic and Steel series as I plan for two more chapters to be released. This is just something that came to be due to a random spurt of creativity

Ever since humanity rose above the heavens into space, we have been alone. Humanity expanded in the first age of galactic expansion. Thousands of planets were surveyed, we didn't find any sentient or sapient life. Only plants, bacteria, viruses etc.

And so humanity slipped into an age of decadence and stagnation, the two great powers of Terra, The Western Coalition and the Democratic People's Nation had radically opposing ideologies. So it was only a matter of time for this to come to its logical conclusion.

So what happens when two decadent superpowers go to war? A bloody war of attrition, billions died. But this war did spark a flame which was thought long gone. Innovation. During the 3rd Great War the L-FTL drive was created.

FTL travel before the AC-FTL drive was slow. The drive would create portals which required a lot of energy, effort and would fall apart after 40-50 hours. It was inefficent, a ship would sometimes have to create hunderds of portals for minor course changes just to get to their destination, only incredibly rich individuals or nations could afford them.

The AC-FTL drive would be able to create portals which could change their destination mid-travel, the portals would last longer and it costed a lot less energy to maintain said portals. So what could possibly cause this great innovation?

The Human Mind. It's truly fascinating, complex and advanced, so when it was revealed that humanity were (kinda?) psionics it was a shock to everyone. The AC in AC-FTL drive stands for abstract concept. These drives were fueled by abstract concepts. Only humans can create abstract concepts at will. Other species can create abstract concepts, but not at will.

This turned the war for the Western Coalition which until then, was losing. The Wizard offensive in paticular pushed the DPN out of WC territories. After this war had been won, the costs had been so great that humanity swore to never fight again.

Humanity decided to built the Gloria Pacis in the Sol system, within 2,000 years the entire human population was located here. The Gloria Pacis was a massive space habitat, it was the size of all the planets combined in the Sol system.

And so humanity sat in the Sol system for millions of years, researching and uncovering the secrets of the galaxy.

Meanwhile in a far away system, some fish decided to come out of the water. These fished evolved into the Li-amphi's, a weird combination between Lizards and amphibians. These eventually evolved sapience. They named their planet, Drass and their starsystem, Likt. They formed groups of thousands using a complex tribal system. And so advanced through the ages.

The same happend in another system, and another and another... And so started the 2nd Age of Evolution, the first being the age of human evolution.

14 million years later, 498 sapient and sentient species existed. Humanity watched, doing nothing.

When 149 of the 498 species reached the space age, the Minister Pacis of the Human Commonwealth declared a new age to have begun. The Second Galactic Age. Humanity contacted the 149 species which had already achieved space travel.

I am Minister Pacis Joseph Victorius.
Do not worry, for I greet you in peace, we are humanity. We are peaceful scientists, artists and orators. But we can and have fought, we are millions of years ahead of you in technology, we are immortal. We will strike you down if you dare threaten humanity.
We are humanity, we are proud of you and of ourselves.
- The first few sentences of the 80,000 page long Introductio ad Humanitatem

None of the 149 species which had achieved space travel dared oppose them. A few pilgrims from the more zealous species went on a pilgrimage to Sol. When they arrived at Gloria Pacis Centrum they watched in awe.

What I witnessed in the divine Sol system was awe inspiring. The great holy site they call the ''Gloria Pacem'' Centrum occupies all of the space around the gold star they call ''Sol''. The only way I can explain the majesty and awe I felt at that moment is that I cannot. It is truly divine.
- Gjrik'ah's Pilgrimage journal.

The pilgrims that visited Sol were threatend to be fired upon if they even thought about setting step in the Gloria Pacis.

Four thousands of year and species came and went, humanity always being there. Oh sure, there was war, famine and genocide, but nothing that could end the Galaxy. It was a good time. Then they came..

The Drassians. The lizard like amphibians had instead of the logical thing and discovering their own galaxy, travelled to another galaxy. Humanity knew of this, of course, but didn't bother, they were pacifist-isolationists afterall.

The Drassians evolved, evolved and humanity saw something in them that they too had. Drassian history was written in blood, thousands of years went by. And the humans still hadn't contacted the Drassians, as they hadn't yet explored their most nearby starsystem, but had explored the most nearby galaxy.

When the Drassians finally decided to take a look at their most nearby system, humanity contacted them.

Drassians, we know of your history. And to your suprise we have seen it before. It wouldn't surpise us if you could match our technology within 4,000 years, give or take. But you will never match our spirit. Beaware.
- Excerpt from the 143,000 page Drassian Introductio ad humanitatem

This confused the Drassians, as far as the Drassians were concerned no other species had seen interspecies fighting. The Drassians also found the document to be long. ''I want to kill myself, I have read 1000 pages.. and have a billion more to go.'' to quote one clerk.

And so the Drassians expanded into their third Galaxy, and humanity watched and started actually building an army and a fleet, increasing their efforts in science and metallurgy and military sciences. It didn't suprise humanity when the Drassian Elective and the Thuiich Drassi Kingdom, the two Drassian superpowers had a massive war.

It resulted in the elective winning, but at what cost? It had been a massive war, most of the population was in the military, a hyper-xenphobic First Speaker was leading the nation and the blame was on the xeno's. They had instigated the war, they had not provided support to colonies which were starving, they were furious.

The Drassians didn't yet match the humans in technology, but they made up for it with grit, quantity of ships and experience. Or atleast they thought they made up for it with that. Humanity were a bunch of peace loving artists, not soldiers. Not starmen, not airmen and not marines. They were scientists not survivors. And so they told theirselves the biggest joke anyone ever told themselves.

And so started the 4th Great Intergalactic war.

The xeno's o'er in the other galaxy are decadent! Lazy! When we asked them to save our childeren, and we would compensate them, they refused! They couldn't bother saving lifes. Their decadent petty little politics must end, and I shall esnure that.
- War Speaker, Kravis of the cast Ivevur in the adress to the collective of speakers

The Drassians invaded swiftly and decisively, all other starnations being pathetic compared to them. They exterminated entire planets, bombed ships full of innocent civillians. All other starnations couldn't even hope to match them, all except one. The humans.

And so humanity went to war, to arms for the first time in billions of years. Millions of humans died, it was a tough war. For every mile there would die 1,000 humans. For every planet 10 million. For every starsystem ten ships would destroyed, but humanity continued.

I saw a great white ship flying above our planet. The Drassies, as I and my friends so lovingly called them seemed to be panicking. Mother told us not to go outside, we were kids, we went anyways. We saw thousands of them, clad in great grey armour. On of them approached me, I fled. I fell over a rock and thought this was the end. The man simply approached me and took off his helmet. ''We are humanity.'' the man spoke. I simply lay there on the mud in silence.
- Excerpt from Drassies, a Galactic bestseller.

Thousands of planets saw millions of humans die over the liberty of the Galaxy as a whole. They were the shield of the galaxy.

If the humans would have existed, the Galaxy would have been that of the Drassians. For they were defenders to their very souls. They defended themselves, us, and all else they saw.
- The then Councillor of the Yik Cuncilhaj

This one quote would stick with the Galaxy and soon humans were called, ''Defenders to the core'' or ''Defenders'' or really anything involving defense of something.

And so when the war finally ended and humanity retreated back to the Gloria Pacem they also occupied the Likt system, the system Drass was located in. And so they used all the recources in said system and built the Castellum Pacis. Currently most of the population which lived in the Drassian Elective live there now.
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2021.09.25 08:24 PuzzleheadedDepth7 (advice needed by anyone) Guy I thought was cool turns out to be very similar to a "nice guy" any

Tw: nice guy/incel-ish type shit
Context: I (m13) started platonically talking with a guy (m13) I thought he was really cool, funny, same basic morals. He seemed cool.
He is Bi (or something similar) and he dated a nonbinary person(13) (notably they are afab which means that people assumed they were a girl when born)
I heard recently from said nonbinary person I'll call them C that the guy who I will call B did this;
He pressured C (or tried to pressure I didn't wanna prode them with questions) into doing sexual things (like making out) C did not want to do. And B and C were planning to hangout st I belive C's house and when B got there apparently he went to C's bed laid on it (I do not know if he was wearing clothes or not) and EXPECTED sex. C said no (I definitely would have too) and I don't know exactly how B reacted but at some point B said something about next time he comes over they have sex.
They broke up probably no longer than a day after because I knew B while they were together and this sounded recent and school started earlier this month.
I dont know how to handle this. I am on C's side obviously. C does not want anyone other than me and like 1 other person (who they told before me) to know at least right now. So I cant just tell B I know and risk an arguement which would leave to other overhearing and I blocked B on discord per C's request. C is fine with B knowing I know. But there is always a risk of me telling B I know and then everyone knowing.
The main problem is obviously I dont wanna be friends with B anymore but we have the same form of comedy and we have two periods together. And we sot at the same table for both (assigned) I think we already became friends (before I knew) and I dont know how to stop. I might have adhd and that leads to me having poor impulse control and I gave a REALLY hard time not joking with him the entire class. I am also the type of person who you could murder my mom and I'd still have sympathy for you. I dont know how to stop sending him "I wanna be friends" signals. I dont know how to stop being too friendly. In fact I may have had a small crush on him. I genuinely dont know what to do I can't just avoid him or block him in real life. And I can't be friends with him for moral reasons I'm not gonna be the person who chooses the asswhole.
Literally any advice is appreciate so so much.
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