How to get maps

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2021.09.25 09:08 Object_312 How to get maps

I really want to play one a world maps
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2021.09.25 09:08 hewylewysueme Let me be your sunshine ☀️

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2021.09.25 09:08 Legitimate_Suspect Anxiety at an All-Time High

I'm sharing this for anyone else who may be feeling alone in their struggles.
I am applying this cycle. Average stats. Sent my primary in July.
During the pandemic, I've experienced pretty severe anxiety... the worst in my life, and maybe someone reading this can relate. I still haven't submitted 12 secondaries because I physically haven't been able to. Yeah, it's that bad. I've just been surviving out here and I feel so much shame about it because this is what I've worked towards my whole life, yet my anxiety is manifesting as self-sabotaging through procrastination.
I'm not sure if I even have a chance now with submitting secondaries at the end of September but if it's the best I can do then it's ok, I'm still going to submit. Feels like I am dragging myself to the finish line one limb in front of the other. If anyone else out there is struggling I am here for you and know that I'm proud of you for persevering.
I'm going to get help and try therapy because my future patients deserve the best version of me. I just hope what I have done this cycle is enough.
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2021.09.25 09:08 Frequent_Support_106 My girlfriend doesn't seem to have any plans to get a job or work

My girlfriend (33) and I (30) have been dating for 4 years. I love her more than anything but a combination of her laziness and her anxiety is really preventing us from moving forward financially and emotionally.
She's currently living with her parents and I have absolutely no problem with living with that as I still live with my mom. Financially it works out better. My problem is that her parents pay for everything. Food, power, her phone. Everything. She has no financial independence and never has.
She has only ever had two jobs, the first was 2 days a week, 3 hours a day. She was really good about going, worked there for years, and never missed a day... Then covid hit and she was laid off. The second job she lasted 5 days before deciding working at a retail store wasn't for her and she quit. Since then, she has worked on her degree, but has done nothing else. She's graduated and hasn't done any job hunting, and seems to have no intention on getting a job. She's always talked about starting a coffee shop but has done zero research or planning on the topic.
She's never had her license and is too afraid to drive. She had her permit when we started dating and I would let her drive my car to get practice but she'd only ever go a mile or two before she'd start crying and say she can't go on. I've tried suggesting she gets help from a therapist, but she doesn't have insurance because she doesn't have a job. So I have to drive us everywhere, which she expects me to do after I get off of an 11 hour shift at work.
I'm in love with the woman but I'm struggling with the fact that she has no ambition and doesn't seem to plan ahead in life. She seems content to sit around and play video games. Her parents aren't always going to be around and I don't want to be taking care of her and the family she says she wants to start with me. Currently we can't even afford to get a place together because I don't make nearly enough. I'm not really sure what to do anymore. How do I even approach this topic? I know a lot of this is because of her anxiety, but she can't afford to get the help she needs and I don't have the money to send her to anyone either.
I'm not sure if this relationship can go on like this for much longer. I just need help figuring it all out.
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2021.09.25 09:08 Designer_Leather8164 Když vidí v item shopu Emote za 200v-bucks

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2021.09.25 09:08 Oliverandfinn SO - I TALKED TO MY ABUSER

please in no way take this as advice but it's a victory for me I need to share
Light context - my step dad abused me for a decade. I told my mom who didn't/still doesn't believe me when I was 16. Despite not believing me she still kicked him out. No one else knew. I told the rest of my family this year..with alot of back and forth they're now all supportive AF. So on my birthday this year (blatantly after everyone blocked him) he sent me a message. ITS BEEN 11 YEARS. Here is out conversation.
Him: Happy Birthday, Michelle...I hope you are well
(10 days later) Me: Hi Leon, I'm shocked you texted me, "hoping I'm doing well." I guess I am. I have finally understood everything you did. All of it.
It's pretty heart-wrenching that I still think of you like a dad. I truly shouldn't now that it's become so obvious how you groomed me. I sometimes wonder if you cared at all when you cried and begged me to never stop loving you.
I'm not going to pretend I am not still heartbroken. I see new things you did whenever I looked at my childhood or I'm working on myself.
Luckily now it's clear what you are. You're not a parent you're a pedophile. Through the years, you've caused serious issues in my life. Maybe that's what you are looking to hear. I used to hate that you could see anything about me. I used to not want you see or hear about any of my achievements. I didn't want you to think what you did was okay. I used to think you felt bad, & didn't mean to do everything you did. That it was me. But now I see it. You taught me it was my fault. you told me I was a whore and I made the mistake of believing you and thinking that meant I shouldn't matter.
Now, I don't care if you see my success. Because everything I am, everything I've done, has been despite you. I own a successful business I'm in a healthy relationship I have tons of hobbies and friends that I care about. I've traveled all over the world. And I'm genuinely happy with what my life looks like.
I've lived. You did something easy. You became a child's boogeyman. If you're proud you're pathetic. If you feel guilty you should. Thinking about you as my dad at all is sad, but I can finally see that you're not so scary. and you're not great. you're just another predator.
Him: Michelle...let's please clear up a few things...whether you believe it or not, I'm no pedophile or a predator...I was overly obsessed with you in a very unhealthy way that caused me to get all up in your business where I had no business being...the idea that I groomed you is totally false because that would imply that I had an ulterior motive, which I never did and I NEVER, EVER thought you were a whore...what a horrendous thought!...and you should know that you were NEVER at fault for the any of the regrettable actions on my part...I have so much remorse and guilt for the pain I caused you, it's almost unbearable...I loved you SO much but it wasn't the dad love you needed and deserved...I am sorry for my shortcomings...I don't expect to be forgiven...I have to live with the fact that I single-handedly burned our family to the ground by my actions and forever changed the lives of the people I loved the hurts because I still love you all...I'm sorry, Michelle
Me: Good it should hurt. Gaslighting and playing a victim frankly isn't going to work on me again. I'm not a teenager or a victim. Please do not contact me or my family again. I am now blocking you so there is no point.
I can not even express the pride I feel. I was so scared. The first message at first made me so mad. then I wanted my parent to know about my life and I was stuck af. A feeling I NEVER thought I'd have. I recognize - hes bullshit. They're all bullshit. People who prey on children are nothing to be scared of. They are pathetic old men.
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2021.09.25 09:08 sammndl10 Loss of steam during exams

My college placements are starting from midway next month and I really want to get a job in software development. While I'm not pursuing a CS degree, I love developing mobile apps and I have interned twice in the same. However, for making it through the interviews, one also needs to have a solid background in data structures and algorithms, something I am very inexperienced at.
To solve this, I started preparing on 1st August for it by studying from books such as CTCI and EPI while also solving a lot of questions from Leetcode. I was well on the track until about the 1st week of September, when I had to completely pause this and prepare solely for midterms instead(as the courses are pretty hard), that ended a couple days ago.
For the past few days, I've noticed that I've basically lost all the momentum that I built up and I've started procrastinating instead. So much so that in the last 2 days, I just solved 2-3 questions instead of the general 15-18. And it's not because they're hard but because I'm rather focused on binge watching Netflix, YouTube documentaries and playing games.
Any suggestions/tips on how can I get back on the grind with full focus?
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2021.09.25 09:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 09:08 Adayum4 Demands for nerfs...

I'll never understand it. I was playing Fallout 4 the other day with some fun rules (only using sniper rifles, no stimpacks, etc) in order to make the game harder for myself, and then i thought about the Borderlands community.
Every now and then i'll see posts complaining about the re-volter, plasma coil, Iron Bear, world drop nerfs, Eraser, and other items seen commonly on Youtube meta builds. Ironically, very few casual players would intentionally handicap themselves, so these players are likely in the top 10% with the best gear and builds. Unfortunately, these select few members of the community tend to also be the most vocal, so Gearbox tends to listen resulting in unnecessary nerfs for casual players who were already struggling to climb up the Mayhem ladder or finally complete the end game takedowns with their own special, more casual build.
To tie this all together, i have a question for the hardcore players in the top 10% demanding nerfs: why not just use something else? There are a plethora of other shields out there with neat features to play around with, same thing with the Plasma Coil. Iron Bear has more than just explosive miniguns and corrosive railguns. Why not try out the bear fists or flamethrowers? And as far as overpowered skill points go (Fire in the Skag Den, Eraser, etc) just don't invest into them. BOOM. Problem solved. Balance in a game meant for an outrageous, creative varity of builds sounds terrible.
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2021.09.25 09:08 sitonabeach Weird web series where the main character crawls everywhere cause his parents never taught him how to walk. Gets a HJ in every episode. Throws his own poop in an episode.

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2021.09.25 09:08 TealFox13 Looking for pepper spray on Amazon and found this review. Happy to hear it’s a quality product.

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2021.09.25 09:08 Misosoup678 Is it ok to go to a house party with a guy after just one date?

I met this guy (38) twice . We met online and he invited me (30)to his boat party and said I could bring a friend. It was lots of fun . We hit it off and actually clicked right away.
A few days after we went out on a date. Had some food and wine, great conversation and times.
So he invited me to his friends birthday party tomorrow at his friends house , but what I didn’t like is that he told me if I will meet him there. I automatically said sure yes. He didn’t ask me how am I getting there , he knows I don’t drive, he didn’t offer me a ride the house is quite far from my place , Plus I feel a bit weird to go to a strangers house alone.
Also , if he invited me than we should go there together. I have never been there before and I met those ppl briefly once at the boat party
TL;DR What should I tell my date? And I don’t want to ask for a ride because I already asked him to take me to the boat party. Also is it ok to go with him to a house party just after one date?
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2021.09.25 09:08 matthuisman How to watch AFL Grand Final

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2021.09.25 09:08 GrenobleLyon "We must vote! You must vote! Voting only will not be enough! We must keep demanding our leaders to take real climate action! We must never give up! There is no going back! We can still turn this around! People are ready for change! We want change! We demand change! We are the change!"Greta Thunberg

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2021.09.25 09:08 Mr_ravid92 Ps4 eu - looking for rec squad for next hours . Glass cleaner 90 ovr 75 % park wins and 100 % rec. 65 % for 3s

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2021.09.25 09:08 Stonkchester_United TAX QUESTION FOR A WRINKLED RETARD🙏🦧🚀🍌

Hi Apes,
Happy Saturday, got a quick question that has been on my mind for a while but with the recent bullish vibes im getting i better get the answer quick.
An important thing we all have to remember when MOASS strikes is that the government want a slice of our massive ass pie. Im from the UK and as i understand is the case in the US as well, Capital Gains is paid on gains, changing dependant on the size of the gain...blah blah blah.
Question: do capital gains have to be paid when a stock/crypto is sold/converted back to local currency upon the realisation of porfit....or....if the profit along with the original investment or not is reinvested elsewhere is capital gains paid at the end of the tax year on any realised profit sitting in a bank account/not invested?
TLDR: Is Capital Gains paid on realisation on profit or the realised profit at end of tax year?
P.S. if you are also from the UK make sure your broker has a filed W8-BEN form for you, most do upon sign up but worth checking as this is proof you are not eligable to pay additional US tax.
Cheers apes, rest up🍌🍌
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2021.09.25 09:08 openthacasket Peak Kylie

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2021.09.25 09:08 TJx503 Friday pickup 🍋

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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2021.09.25 09:08 cerebrallandscapes Incoming! Markers and white fineliner in Moleskine, A5

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2021.09.25 09:08 Birttaon আগুনে মুরগিটি যা করল তা দেখে আপনি অবাক হয়ে যাবেন _AMAZING CRAZIEST EXPE...

আগুনে মুরগিটি যা করল তা দেখে আপনি অবাক হয়ে যাবেন _AMAZING CRAZIEST EXPE... submitted by Birttaon to YouTubeViewsSubs [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 09:08 kristenwaston GAIA-X gets new support with European Eclipse Data Connector

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2021.09.25 09:08 Nexos14 I wanna do a japan expansionist run and have some questions?

Basically it’s those: im gonna play uesugi and expend classic korea China and colonies but have problems : -my last try Chika had everyone under protection so I was dead I have too much tech penalty cause can’t embrace institutions -don’t know what religion to change
Can someone help?
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2021.09.25 09:08 godisnullsoami Why only Tik-Tok, Instagram Reels is as cringy if not more?

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