Midnight Tussle (Ceratosaurus)

2021.09.25 08:48 PalicoHunter Midnight Tussle (Ceratosaurus)

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2021.09.25 08:48 ExaminationDry9452 Colonier Devlog #5. Added new Animal Rabbit and Hunting feature.

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2021.09.25 08:48 i_fuckd_ur_mother My dad: no kissing boys till you’re 18. Me: *laughs in lesbian*

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2021.09.25 08:48 shnaptastic Bond films not found? (See comments)

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2021.09.25 08:48 koalacrazy71 বাঁধনে বাঁধা

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2021.09.25 08:48 BeautyClubStore Sneakers Σε Συνδυασμό Χρωμάτων | Beauty Club by Natali Agapitou

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2021.09.25 08:48 _El_ruiz_ What is something you always wanted to say but you haven't said it out loud becouse no one has asked you?

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2021.09.25 08:48 underedoo If I found out that this decade was the endtimes I don't think I'd be surprised

The past two presidents of the world power that's established a self-preserving global hegemony have been an egotistic-asshole businessman and a senior citizen who doesn't know where he is, both of whom lack the capabilities to form proper sentences. Congress is almost entirely corrupted and politicians work out of self-interest, the same goes for just about every other national government. The internet has enabled increased awareness and the ability for millions of opinions to be shared, causing populations to be more polarized than ever. Moreover, we are still living in a pandemic which has caused its own array of social, economic, and political issues.
I know this is rather depressing when put this way but if it's any solace, I'll offer up some of my personal philosophy that's helped me to stop stressing about things that are out of my control-
-Take life one day at a time -Have personal goals but don't be afraid/disappointed of failure/challenges along the way, all that matters is that you tried your best. -I've given up heated debates on polarizing issues with anyone, I'll let them win the argument if it matters that much to someone that they prove a point. -Its hard because we all have bad days and different histories, but try your best to be kind to others. It does nothing but spread more kindness :)
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2021.09.25 08:48 LustForLitecoin Litecoin hits 0.02 of a Bitcoin at the end of EVERY bull cycle, we are entering the last phase of this cycle. Bitcoin should top at $200,000 which will put Litecoin @ $4,000. So, I bought 1,500 Litecoins... should make 6 million dollars soon, watch me 🦍s.

Litecoin hits 0.02 of a Bitcoin at the end of EVERY bull cycle, we are entering the last phase of this cycle. Bitcoin should top at $200,000 which will put Litecoin @ $4,000. So, I bought 1,500 Litecoins... should make 6 million dollars soon, watch me 🦍s. submitted by LustForLitecoin to WallStreetBetsCrypto [link] [comments]

2021.09.25 08:48 Zthespiral What's a pointless thing that you have done your whole life ?

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2021.09.25 08:48 JSBachSJ Classical Harmony and Improvisation

Hi Colleagues
Here you will find tutorials on Classical Piano Harmony, Counterpoint, Improvisation, Composition, Basso Continuo, Partimento, etc!
A wealth of information that you can add to your lessons!
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2021.09.25 08:48 Some1getmeablanket How to support a type 5 with depression?

I was previously in a relationship/situationship with a 5w6 - this lasted a few months - and a few weeks back he had a very honest (and tough) conversation with me and shared that he’s not ready for a relationship due to his mental health status. He has depression due to family/relationship trauma and being a veteran; he struggles with emotions a lot, and is a dismissive-avoidant as well (for those who think attachment styles factor into the enneagram like I do). We also both have ADHD if that provides further context
Our conversation concluded with him committing to therapy (I genuinely hope he’s followed through with this like he says he has) and with me saying that I want to be friends after giving myself some time to heal my own emotions (he inquired about this first - while it hurts, I respect and am proud of his decision to take care of his mental health). I know that I want to put boundaries in place and he knows this too in order to maintain some sort of friendship; we also haven’t spoken since we “broke up”, but I’ve seen him in passing and we’ve at least waved hi to each other.
With all of this said, if we do try to be friends and only friends, what is/are the best ways to support him as a friend without making him uncomfortable when it comes to emotional sharing/limits? How should I create and maintain a safe space for him to continue feeling comfortable with me? I don’t want to push him to do anything he doesn’t want to do (he knows this), but I also want to maintain the trust he has for me in hopes it will help him grow. I am hyper-aware of the fact that if I become uncomfortable/am taken advantage of as a friend/can’t continue to separate my feelings for him from wanting to be friends, I am not obligated to stay friends with him and will not be (I know he/his mental health are not my responsibility). I want to reach out to him somewhat soon to open up a friendship, so I’ve been thinking about approaches to this whole ordeal quite a lot. He needs a friend, and even if we didn’t work out romantically, I have a whole lot of platonic love for him. His life is worth living and he is so loved, I want him to learn that that’s true.
Finally, in case it’s important, I am in therapy as well (I think every adult should consider therapy!!), and I’m a type 2w3 (in case y’all couldn’t tell lol). He and I are both Christians, and I know that’s not everybody’s thing, but that’s a huge reason I want to stay friends with him - the last thing I want him to do is stray away from God, and I’ve prayed about this consistently/near constantly and have always received messages confirming that I should stay by his side as a friend (in my church’s sermons, random verses I come across or get from a verse generator, etc). And, with all of this in mind, I’ve made it clear that if he decides he doesn’t want to or can’t be friends with me, I’ll understand if he cuts things off as well out of respect for his mental health.
Thank you everyone 🥺
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2021.09.25 08:48 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 08:48 TheNoOneKnowsGuy Which one is better? (in terms of balance between DMG and team ER)? Is 229% ER is enough for her? I have EL. The upper pic is sand with ER equipped.

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2021.09.25 08:48 kangchad Covid-19 was a good thing

It wreck the normies and made their lives hellish. Showed people what happens when you live pay check to pay check and don't save money. Showed that you shouldn't take things for granted, things can change your life overnight, enjoy things while you can.
It was fun seeing people hoard toilet papers and sanitizers. Instead of things that would actually help them survive society breaking into anarchy like canned foods, medicine and weapons.
Being able to work and study from home were also a plus thanks to covid.
People always complained about overpopulation, yet when covid came around, they advocated to things that would prevent the spread of it. The economic harm done by lockdowns around the world will cause more harm than covid ever would. Things would be better if they had just carried on as normal and let people die of covid. Sweden never had any lockdown, the result? 15000 deaths out of a population of 10 million. 0.15% population loss is clearly not worth any lockdown.
When conservatives protested lockdown people were up in arms and whine about it spreading the virus. When BLM and Antifa started their protests, the media and people seems to be quiet about mass gathering being bad.
The only thing to regret about covid is not having invested in toilet paper stocks.
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2021.09.25 08:48 asiyanaaz LCD TV Bluetooth Transmitter, Low Latency Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver for Headphones and Speakers Wireless Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Cable for Car Home Stereo System...👉 Price $ 19.99 👉 For USA 🇺🇸 👉 DM me

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2021.09.25 08:48 ProfessionalWarm4354 [TRADE] Looking for Freelancer Profit Manual (ONLY) List of courses I have Mentioned Below

Courses I have > Andrew Tate Bundle

  1. Andrew Tate - Body Language
  2. Andrew Tate - Chess
  3. Andrew Tate - Fitness
  4. Andrew Tate - Hustler University
  5. Andrew Tate - Iron Mind
  6. Andrew Tate - Network Brilliance
  7. Andrew Tate - Onlyfans Elite
  8. Andrew Tate - PHD
  9. Andrew Tate - Webcam
  10. Christian McQueen & Andrew Tate - How To Be A G
  11. Tristan Tate - God Mode
> Black Hat Wizard - Cold Email Mastery
> IG Empire - Nitti Sarran
> 100 Mental Models
> Templates by JK mollina and Ed latimore
> Modern Money by Dan Koe
> Straight Line Persuasion - Jordan Belfort
> The Agency Cashflow Roadmap - Donvesh
> Vizier - by Dentesleo
> Ego Driven
  1. 21 days program
  2. Growtter (files)
  3. Self sufficiency
> Day 1 Mentality by Evil Saint
> LifeMathMoney
  1. Live Intentionally 90 days program
  2. The Art of Twitter (Version 1 + Version 2)
Both with bonuses
> BowtiedBull or Wallstplayboys
  1. Efficiency
  2. BowTiedBull.eth (Newsletter 1 + Newsletter 2)
> UnmodernM's Articles

and many more.
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2021.09.25 08:48 ManBrokenSquad Hi support for itachi chill

This is new music album by Itachi chill, it is selling for 10.99$ for 21 songs sold on bandcamp, including 18 publicity songs and 3 bonus songs, it can make you feel satisfied hearing for less than $11 that you helped his creation continue, link below:
Thanks for reading and supporting
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2021.09.25 08:48 NevGuy Flag of itsminenow.

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2021.09.25 08:48 braixenftw Commission!!

Hello artists! I would like to commission an artist who does digital to make a lombax sona from the ratchet and clank universe.
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2021.09.25 08:48 bibshortsandjorts FEF shot from the ferry parking lot

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2021.09.25 08:48 idiotlost666 colors

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2021.09.25 08:48 Bright-Half-8909 App suggestions

I saw yesterday iPhone added a powerful tool in the new IOS 15 where you can select any picture from gallery that has text on it,OR point the camera at any text, hold it to select and it shows options like Copy,Translate,Look up, Share etc
Does anyone know app that can do this?
Thanks in advance
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2021.09.25 08:48 imepicurnotepic In the Denver area? I need someone to replace me...

Moving on to a new job. Want to do my best to help my staff.
Pay is about $14.xx an hour where tips and fees take you to $20-25hr with $20/hr being a guaranteed payout.
BOH and FOH are fucking wonderful and I love them all. They really take care of their dishwasher, respect them, etc. Honestly never felt more appreciated and loved. This place really puts those horror stories of kitchens to shame.
I normally work fri-mon 4pm to midnight and I ASSUME your hours will be similar.
If you're interested please DM me. None of this is official, I'm just trying to find someone to help out the staff cause I really feel bad for leaving already.
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2021.09.25 08:48 emohayley it’s time to kick the habit, i’m coming clean

it’s been a hell of a ride, but it’s all caught up with me
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