How do I aquire the Ak117 Aesir and qq9 Sigrún skins?

2021.09.25 08:43 imfuckingvegan How do I aquire the Ak117 Aesir and qq9 Sigrún skins?

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2021.09.25 08:43 ArcticAsphyx loving this red on me

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2021.09.25 08:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 08:43 First_Ad4558 Gloves or no gloves?

I have noticed with alot of places i have worked that people constantly switch out gloves. I personally frequently wash my hands. what is your way of going about this?
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2021.09.25 08:43 dunkkacino 🦀 Grimes and elon broke up 🦀

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2021.09.25 08:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - India, US condemn cross-border terrorism; call for perpetrators of 26/11 attacks to be brought to justice | Times of India

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2021.09.25 08:43 tusya008 We need this Matt

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2021.09.25 08:43 BigMekOnAWarbike despise those fuckers

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2021.09.25 08:43 Sp1rks Algorand VS Harmony

I talked about Algorand and someone said that Harmony is better than Algorand. Can someone make a comparison between these two?
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2021.09.25 08:43 Rato0710 Selling my a-36 mytic pet for gems or good pets

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2021.09.25 08:43 Polyamamomma I really love my facility

Tonight I’m the only aide, we’ve been hideously understaffed on both shifts for a few weeks. I’m getting used to being the only aide. Tonight though, my charge asked if I wanted to team up and we’d go room to room changing and bathing everyone since no one has had a good bath in a bit. It should have been a really hard night, but instead it’s fun and flying by. I love that she wants to take a break every hour because she’s forgotten how it feels to work this hard. The breaks are nice but the appreciation for what I do every night is better.
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2021.09.25 08:43 Confident-Fishing-12 How long does it take to ship to Australia

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2021.09.25 08:43 artmorte The game's ability to create random maps is just superb.

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2021.09.25 08:43 lableEssa Basitçe mülteci sorunu

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2021.09.25 08:43 PotatoMan797 Cursed Tasty treat

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2021.09.25 08:43 thorlek My Ork Kommandos

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2021.09.25 08:43 TheRealStego How do you access the secondary Camera on mobile?

I have a pixel 5 and was hoping the ultra wide camera would be available for use with Lightroom but I can't find a place to switch cameras. Am I blind or will I get forced to use the regular camera app for shots with the ultra wide camera
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2021.09.25 08:43 mr_martianfish Steel soul moment (Spoiler)

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2021.09.25 08:43 _IceNinja Giannis' free throw ritual longer than his last name... And look at James Harden

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2021.09.25 08:43 felokia "Russian Rhapsody" by Forrest Brazeal [magical realism] [fantasy] [romance] (6068 words) A talented young pianist finds that when he truly loses himself in the music, he is transported to a place beyond time. However, conflict arises when another musician discovers the same ability.

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2021.09.25 08:43 00Seben31 Eh, is this the wrong sub for this?

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2021.09.25 08:43 JMVFX Visualdon

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2021.09.25 08:43 MrTwisterr ATM6 Refined Storage Question

I was watch a let's play and the guy was using a wireless crafting grid monitor super far away from his base also in the nether. I know about the transmitter but it's does not give much range. So my question is are there any ways to make this limitless or at more than what it is now. I really don't want to have to place a crap ton of the transmitters.
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2021.09.25 08:43 MajorWuss 1st Gen - Automotive Customizers ( 3 inch Articulator Lift pricing, thoughts and suggestions.

So I have been through a lot. I installed this lift completely by myself. When I say that I mean I literally had no help from anyone. A few times I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew but... I did it. Here is a thread laying out what I did, how much it costed, maybe some thoughts I have on it, and a place for you 1st gen owners to ask some questions. Here goes:
-Item: Articulator Suspension Package With Bilstein Shocks - $1,558.78 (
Note: I added an upgrade because the package comes with Bilstein 4600's for the front and I wanted the 5100's. I called and they quoted me $25 for the shock upgrade which is included in the price of the lift I have listed.
-Item: 27 Inch Stainless Steel Braided Rear Brake Line - $67.40 (
- 1 set of 2 Bump Stops - $11.63 (
- 2 MOOG inner Tie Rod Ends - $40.49 ea. (All MOOG parts from Moog website)
-2 MOOG Outer Tie Rod Ends - $66.99 ea.
-2 MOOG Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves - $41.49 ea.
-2 MOOG Lower Control Arms - $170.09 ea.
-1 MOOG Idler Arm Brace - $75.99
-1 set of 2 Nolathane Control Arm Bushing - $53.39 (Amazon)
Note: I had to burn the bushing out on the driver's side after cutting off the control arm because it was stuck so badly. Then I CAREFULLY took a saw-zall and cut the metal sleeve. I put in an OEM bushing with a new metal sleeve (About $15) but had no way to press it in and it bent. I burned them both out and put and put in the Nolathane bushings. It was a great decision. Very easy to install. I had to razor some material out so I could fit the new control arm over it, but that was about it.
-1 Centerlink - $395.00 without core, $295.00 with core Note: I bought MOOG inner tie rod ends before reading the instructions on this centerlink. The MOOG ITRE's are very close (1/32) from rubbing on the truck frame.
-1 set of 2 Supreme Suspension Wheel Spacers 1.5" - $100.80
Note: The front wheels were about 1.5 inches inward from where I wanted them because when you crank up torsion bars, you pull the front tires down and in.
Total Cost: $2801.11
Final thoughts: All in all, I am very happy. It was an expensive endeavor that I have been buying parts for periodically since last December. It took me about a month of working on it sometimes during weekdays after work and weekends pretty hard core (at least 8 hours a day on weekends). I didn't add the cost or replacement bolts in the list because you may not need to replace them all.
I used 2 jacks because in the rear, I needed something to hold the axle up and to push the rear leaf springs up to the little guide hole in the axle housing. I used jack stands because I don't have a lift.
The kit comes with a 3 leaf add-a-leaf. I find it somewhat unnecessary. You get some lift from the revolver shackles but the entire AAL raised the rear end a lot. I'm going to take out 2 of them in order to get rid of the rake toward the front.
Pretty much everything fit together nicely. The only problem I really had was the damn LCA on the drivers side. Man, I wanted to smash my truck with a hammer for about a week during that fiasco. I even knew it was coming but it didn't lessen my anger.
The truck is rides stiffer on road now. Off road, it's so stable. It takes washboards at high speeds like nothing. It has much more rear flex, front flex is about the same. I sent it up and down some pretty gnarly rutted roads last weekend and it was so damn smooth, I was shocked! I took off both front and rear stabilizer bars and it rides fine. Maybe a little wiggly under extreme braking.
I haven't measured the post lift height but my eyeballs tell me it's about 2.75 front and 3.25 in the rear (which is why I'll take 2 rear AAL's out). It definitely feels A LOT higher! Doesn't feel tippy though so that's good. I don't really go flying around corners though so I'm not sure if its more/less tippy or the same. Aight, I'm going to bed. I'll add more if I think of it and answer any questions, if there are any, as they come.
Take care fam!
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2021.09.25 08:43 kitchensinckk Spotted in Santa Barbara ca. Who is this beauty?

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